k2inlove Do you know that life is meant to be sweet?

Yes, life is meant to be a wonderful journey and experience in which we explore who we are and then express it. Life is meant to enrich our souls, nourish us and be a flow of joy and well-being.

It is only our own fears and resistance that keep us from allowing life to be so wonderful. However, because life is wonderful, there are natural ways of shifting ourselves back into this flow of well-being which we call the Golden Flow™.

In our Golden Flow™, also called being in the zone or in-tune, we feel comfortable and confident in life, as we know that only gifts come forward in life– and we experience these gifts on a regular basis.


Are You In The Flow?

  • Is there are a part of you that knows that life is meant to be sweet, and that feels frustrated when it is not? Isn’t this the wisdom within you, coaxing you towards allowing a more abundant life for yourself?
  • Do you experience love in your life? Would you like to attract the relationship of your dreams?
  • Do you co-create with Source Energy, or are you master of The Law of Attraction and of abundance?
  • Wouldn’t you like to experience freedom from suffering in life? Can peace, happiness and fulfillment – The secret to your well-being, be yours?
  • Is it possible to connect to your Soul/Higher Self; to know your life purpose?
  • Can you become self-realization and enlightenment, and live in the flow of the now moment?

Of course! We all experience moments, minutes or days of such wonder – Now make this a more permanent state of being by living in this beautiful state of being-

Discover what holds you back to having all you desire now

For the first time K2 (Kristopher and Kalyn) are making the Golden Flow™ System available to all. Until now, this powerful system was only taught to their inner circle of existing students. This website is the first step to spreading this wonderful set of tools.

Enjoy The Golden FlowTM Introductory Series at an affordable price

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What is the Golden Flow™ System?

The System is based on the premise that when you are free flowing without emotional charges and blocks, you are naturally in a more powerful, connected place. This powerful, connected place always exists in the here and Now. It is a state of well-being, health and abundance. It is who you really are. The only thing that stops you from being in your natural state are blocks, often in the form of emotional charges. We are pulled by what we want, or what we don’t want. We resist life, and in so doing are removed from our actual experience in the here and Now. The System, in an almost effortless way, releases the blocks that stop you from being in the flow of your Essential Self, and brings you back into contact with the present moment.

Your Essential Self is always in flow. From your Essential Self Source Energy flows through you. We call this flow the Golden Flow™. Being in the Flow is a simple three step process: you welcome in life, you allow life to flow, and you allow your Source to then replace energy, bringing a higher vibrating energy to you. Doing the process itself is even easier than it sounds!

This System is designed so that you can not only come into contact with your Essential Self, but so that you can also begin living from there and begin manifesting from there. You can have the life of your dreams. It already exists, all you need to do is come back home to your authentic Flow, who you really are and always have been.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to come back home to who you truly are.

Where Did The System Come From?

Born of both ancient Schools of esoteric teachings such as the Toltec, and of the personal and spiritual guidance that Kris and Kalyn (K2) have received, the Golden Flow™ System is a powerful system that brings seekers to their best selves. The System rapidly brings you to the place of connection with your Source’s world, that place of connection to the unlimited self that you truly are.

K2 studied with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling book, The Four Agreements. One core technique of the Toltecs is the recapitulation. Recapitulation is a powerful tool to release emotional blocks and reclaim stuck energy in one’s psyche. On the spiritual development side, K2 saw the importance of raising an individuals energy in order to allow Source Energy, which vibrates highly, to flow into and manifest in one’s life.

With nearly ten years of teaching spirituality their selves, K2 received a beautiful marriage of these two methods of energy work: The Golden Flow™ System. This system focuses on bringing the seeker to their now moment and freeing them of the past, the future and of internal difficulties. This is done by combining the power of reclaiming bound energies through the breath, welcoming all of life into the Now moment and bringing life and the self into the flow of energy that is Source Energy.

The beauty and power of the System lies in its simplicity. Never before has there been such an easy way to, in three simple steps, allow life to flow and improve. Practitioners love using the system because it is uplifting, enjoyable and empowering:


Simon in The Flow

I feel better all of the time! The Golden Flow™ has allowed me to connect, to experience, and to open to life in a way that other processes have not. Since i have begun using the Golden Flow™, I feel like I am living the life I always felt I could have. It is quick and easy…but it works. What more could you want.” Simon
New Mexico, USA

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  1. this is what ive been waiting for brotha much appreciated ive been seeking this for a while just didnt know what it was

  2. Hi K2 I have to apologize for not responding in so long, it’s not that I’m not committed because I have been for at least 30 years ( yea I’m an old specimen) in any case life has interrupted me of late, my Daughter got married on may 1st, consequently I’ve been busy. But I’m always in the flow, I guess by now it could be said that I live and breath it, and I couldn’t imagine life without being tuned into the immensity that is there for all people’s use if they would become sensitive to it. I was surprised to hear you mention Recapitulation, it is indeed a very helpful endeavor to the Flow, but it is not easy if done correctly and fully. one must try to actually relive memory’s in the imagination – it takes a lot of concentration, but it pays good dividends. and it doesn’t have to be done all at once (in fact it would be impossible to do all at once) well friends I’ve babbled quite enough. May your path be one with your Intent……..~Leon~

  3. Hello once again K2, I would like to comment on some of the emails you sent in lieu of the Toltec Nagual, I don’t Know how else to reach you except through this site. I have to say wow I think you are starting to hit on all cylinders speaking about the power of intent and even brought up the assemblage point which in turn leads to perception,(and changes thereof) you also brought up the importance of change, for real change one must be spiritually fluid and not connected to the past or thoughts that keep one grounded, you mentioned earlier about recapitulation, this is an excellent exercise to help break away from being too grounded in a small reality and achieve the fluidity necessary to really change. I agree it’s an ever changing world. I’m glad that you (2) are trying to teach such an esoteric, but to me essential for spiritual health and growth, concept . Fare Thee well, your path is a good one! ~Leon~

  4. I had a dreams this morning, after seeing the second Drunvalo Melchisedek movie “The birth of a new Humanity”.
    There were a group of people, all of us knew each other, and we held hands, discussing our garden and its good harvest. I gasped when a jet swooped into our circle so fast and landed horizontally. I was so excited.

  5. I love your site. I am pleased to find you and your wife. I love the book, “The Four Agreements” I practice diligently “Don’t Take Anything Personally” I do Yoga, Medittion and am so much happier since Enlightment!

  6. After discovering the book “The Four Agreements” many years ago, it set me on the course I am on today. I still practice the four agreements every day. The first thing in manifesting what you desire is to change your mindset, I do believe.

  7. Dear K2, can the guardian angels demand more than the ego of man is willing to accept? I will find more creation in my life no matter what. Love is who we are as energy, as Daily Bread. To be a master of Connection is my desire. I wish you wellness and inspiration, thank you.

  8. Dear K2,
    Stress has been so much a part of my life I am very interested in learning how Golden Flow can help. I have tried many things with some short term relief but nothing permanent.

  9. Lately I am been feeling like the flow of energy around each person I meet is not flowing as it should. I have been meditating about the reason for that and one thing that occurred to me is that we all have to much material things, too much junk in our possession. Is it possible that having too much can block the flow of spiritual, mental and emotional flow of energy to the point of causing decreased well being? People want more and jet that more is causing them to be lacking something more important: manifesting their spiritual gifts!

  10. Being in the flow is one of the most amazing things that a person can experience.
    I hope this program helps many human beings to get into the flow.

    All the best,

  11. Great blog. I like the idea of “flow” as well as the concept of the “essential self” which I first came across when reading Martha Beck’s book – follw your north star.
    Society conditions us so much and it’s important to stay true to you..
    Thanks for a great blog

  12. love is the strongiest emotion and it is the only emotion that comes without any other emotions.extra sensory multi sensory super sensory.to co create and be kind to each other. etergetic body enity beings all creation.browns greys silvers blues whities.we all have something to share to aid in optimal lives for each.how boring would it be if we all looked and acted and the same?we all have something valuable and to share together we can make something so profound and amazing.look if you truely contain power it is humbling it is powerful but to ascess it to help one another .if you evolve into another life cycle and you start at the bottom of food chain when going to next cycle.be considertate to one another for your next octive may not hold the poe power you once contained.thats we are to show kindness and love commpassion.if we are ever considerate by ones heart not by possesions or ranks or titles or by blood or dynasty.we are ask to carry the light of the world to guide assist and to aid.if we have knowledge to help less fortunate that by all means we should.if our acts of kindness truely change the world them allow the ones that are willing to do wonderful things and help others.not ones who think because they was a god or goddess not to care.without others who look up to us to lead and guide then where would we bee.powerful guides.to lead with pure love and unconditional love universal love for that love provides souls and spirits that long to heal to make to be valued to count to feel valued to be apart of something more than just self.but most of all to have the opportunity to.too see and know how an act of kindness forever changed their path in life or soul to be and do to dream to hope to see miracles to touch a life.our journeys may be different but i do know when we cross paths that i will show love and touch a life in every chance and teachable moment i get with grat love compassion and serrinty and my grand baby to be her optimal self and for us to shine in our own ways but together in how or what ever it is in the chronicalical stage of development we are .allness oness inward and outward.for if anyone heart is in the right place then guardians spirit guides should help protect them on the journy of fullfillness reguardless big or small educated or not.cave man to advance civilization.lives to joys are measured by the moments we are breathless.our to treasure is within and thats what can always be with you is the special moments and the heart warming suncerity.nameste all knowing all poowerful be wonderful be amazing and may your heart be filled my all your love over flow to all that experiance.miracles and blessings

  13. Learning and implementing the Law of Attraction in my life helps me live amazing life that I have never imagined before. I am now earning money in a good and effortless way.

  14. I am glad that someone is actually teaching others that are true core, when allowed to flow and express freely, is one of abundance and prosperity. Too many teachers focus on self “improvement”, actually teaching people that they need to get “better”, when the truth is that they already are what they want to be – they just have to release it!

    I will definitely be checking out all of your work!

    Many blessings,

    Josip Barbaric

  15. I am finding that being in the moment and accepting it as it is, more predominant now in 2011. I do find it extremely difficult though to be affirming a mantra in meditation and hearing thoughts equally at the same time. Why cannot the mantra be exclusive and “switch” off thoughts?

    love * light,

  16. Never has there been a more important time to be discussing these ideas, and bringing people together to connect and share in their own ability to flow Source Energy. I love that you have studied and really lived your way into an easy process for helping people to connect to their own true essence.

    Thank you for bringing forward the concept of releasing emotional blocks, because that is such a major impediment to true freedom (and so often we don’t even know we have them!)

    I have been excitedly exploring your site and I am finding some powerful ideas here. I’m really looking forward to experiencing your work.

    With love, light, blessings and appreciation,

    Andrea Sholer

  17. Since the last time I connected on Skype and was told that I had to do a heart chakra clearing, (which I have done), I have continued with the Tensengrity exercises completing passes 1 through 12. These seem to energize me immensely and I am moving towards the next series.

    Do you know others who do these exercises and reflect improvement in their lives?

  18. Someone I work with visits your site quite often and recommended it to me to read also. The writing style is excellent and the content is relevant. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

  19. I think I understand everything you are saying except I just have a different way of saying it. The part about emotional blocks and charges is another way of saying stress and expectations, of which I have. When I disconnect from my expectations and allow God (Higher Power) to work without my constant intervention and/or micromanage things, it leaves me out of the equation and allows God to get things done in my behalf.

    I have several goals that are very important to me, and my goals and purpose in life are congruent. Sometimes it seems like my goals are taking way too long to materialize. I take responsibility for that because I will sit and wait until the next blue moon before I move on an issue–like send my books to a publisher. I don’t have a publisher or an agent and it causes me to freeze. Currently though my book is with a publisher who accepts non-solicited manuscripts. It may take until April until I hear anything. Until then, I continue to write and hope that the girl I want to get to know notices me. Honestly, I have nothing to offer her until I become more famous. I am broke and live in in poverty. I am that proverbial starving artist. I have hope and I KNOW that if the publishing company READS my manuscript, they will like it. It is just a matter of time. I am SO ready to get out of this poverty.

    Come visit my web site and see what I’ve been doing. http://www.davidspringerbooks.com I work all the time. I work when others are sleeping, I work when others are playing games. I do this because I KNOW that all my work will pay off someday. Until then, I can’t play around and just hope. I have to be so good at my game that whoever picks up my books will say–WOW, this is epic.

    I appreciate your what you are doing here. It looks like you put a lot of work into this project. Many people are benefitting from your work. It looks like your life is doing well. I read the Four Agreements about three years ago. It was an inspiration. Hope we can become friends, take care. God bless you both.

    Thank you for joining me at Twitter.

    David Springer

  20. Creating abundance and using the law of attraction don’t rely solely on being in the flow. This is only one aspect of making it happen. Since everything is energy at its core and like-energies attract each other, one can only attract the same type of energy that they are vibrating at. Suppose a person has evolved beyond needing or even desiring wealth and abundance, then attracting those things is impossible without going backwards. Not everyone is at the same level of awareness or consciousness. Your system assumes that everyone’s main desire in life is the accumulation of money and wealth and those are old world ideas. We are moving into a new age where those things are irrelevant. We, and you, should be promoting preparation for our ultimate destiny, instead of attempting to keep people trapped in the lower vibrations of money and material things. As one increases their vibration, fulfillment and enlightenment encompass much greater concepts than just having more money and being able to buy more stuff.

  21. Interested in the coaching, but have found it difficult to attend live due to where I live in Australia. I didn’t get a replay from the last time you presented, but perhaps it is still coming?

  22. I am interested in getting more information for training to be an inspirational coach :)) Looking to start a new coaching group….to activate the energy, she is offering a 3 complimentary session coaching class….. if you are interested in receiving coaching

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