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The Golden Flow of the Now Moment

The Magic of Living In The Now

“To be in the now moment means that you release all of the problems, all of the worries, and you bring the full of yourself to here and now.  And within that now moment, your now moment allows your source to flow through you into your life.” The Oracle

In The FlowThe now moment is infinitely small, yet infinitely big. In its smallness, it contains nothing. Yet, the moment of the now contains everything. Because the now moment contains nothing, to be in the now, you must let everything go and empty.

For a moment, empty yourself of everything. Let everything go. Let your problems go. Let your to do lists go. Let your preoccupations go. Let your thoughts and feelings go. As you empty you enter the Golden Flow. The Flow moves from the Source that you are, into your persona, through your body and into your life. This Flow contains a beautiful dream where all your deepest hopes and desires are manifest. The only thing missing from this dream is you. When you are in the Golden Flow of the now moment you are able to step into the dream and it becomes manifest in your life. This is one of the ‘secrets’ of The Law of Attraction.  To the degree you align to the bigger dream of your life, it becomes real.

When you are having mental machinations, worries, or charged emotions, your energy is pulled away from the Source that you are. You are off center. Your center exists in the now. It is from the place of being on center that spiritual growth and evolution occurs.  The center of a river is where the current flows strongest. It is the center of self where Source energy flows most powerfully.

Take the time to find your now moments. Tell your mind to let it all go, even if only for a few minutes. Tell your mind it can come back to its concerns later, but for now, empty. Do this often. As you do the tremendous power of Source’s flow begins to move through you. Then, hang onto your hat as your life moves in wonderful ways.


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Allow Your Life to Be – Day 2

What is it that you need to allow in order to increase the allowing in your life?

The truth is that you need to allow what you and your Source Energy are working to attract to your life so that you may experience it. Sometimes realizing that what you desire to experience is not a reward, but rather a experience that You (you & your Source) know will benefit you, can help you release some of the wishing or desperately wanting in your life. When you see that it is just another growing experience in life that is meant to help you be more of who you truly are, you may be able to allow it to come more easily.

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The Universe Conspires to Support You

A Power Sign at the Airport by you.
“The Universe Conspires to Support You”
The Oracle

Everywhere you go, your Source Energy, the Universe is there supporting you and guiding you in the most fantastic ways, and often in the most unexpected places.

This is a power sign I received as I was disembarking off my plane in Albuquerque airport. I looked up and there was the message I needed at that moment.

Messages like this occur frequently if you only just allow it. When you are in the Golden Flow of Allowance, open and accepting, your Source Energy is able to guide and support you in each moment of your life.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are supported in The Flow.


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Allow Your Life to Be – Day 5

The most common charge that keeps you from Allowing.

Let go and let it flow. As you know, attachments hold you back and down. They are an emotional charge that is binding you to whatever it is that you are attached to. When people say that you need to release your attachments they don’t mean that you shouldn’t care about anything any more, but rather that you should let go of the charges that have you grasping and pulling at life for what you desire. At this point, of course, you aren’t allowing, but rather are trying, even if only energetically. Focus on allowing your attachments to flow and you will find yourself feeling freer, lighter and in a greater state of allowing.

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Allow Your Life to Be – Day 3

Remove your own ideas, beliefs and blocks in order to increase your Allowing today.

Have you ever had a friend tell you to just “get over yourself”? If you recognize that it is because you are your greatest block and that your friend is helping you realize that the only problem-causer is you, then you can get an understanding that you tend to be the one imposing limitations or restrictions upon life or what you desire. These restrictions also restrict what you would like to allow to happen, come forward or change in your life. Today look at your own ideas and beliefs about what you would like to allow. Can you remove limitations and restrictions?

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Well, Come, My Manifestation


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

If only we were taught such truths in kindergarten and elementary school, right? These two quotes are the kind you should print out and read to yourself first thing every morning to get you started in the right mood, mental mindset and congruent energy.

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Death & Rebirth In Your Lifetime

death and rebirth

“Dos capuchinos, porfa” I ask in Spanish. Karl and our daughter just went to the buffet while I hold a table for us and begin to type. We’re in the beautiful Bahia Principe hotel, about 90 miles south of Cancun. We love this area, called the Mayan Caribbean, and have come at least once a year for the past 16 years, starting with our honeymoon. This hotel is so large that they have four lobbies. Yesterday we rode the tram from the beach to our lobby and estimated that they have about a hundred acres of land. And we’ve never seen the hotel so crowded- as though they’ve rented each of their 3,000 rooms!

Generally coming here is coming to paradise. We get in the flow, bring groups who also get in the flow and live it up. Meals are included and everything is delicious. They have plenty of veggies, guac and refried beans – some of my favorites. Outside the amorphous pools turn corners, go by a pool-side bar, under a bridge and then parallel the ocean. Ahhh, the ocean. Sitting on the coral white sands is like nothing else; gazing at the calm ebb and flow of the aqua colored water and seeing some silver-blue fish swimming by, asking me to feed them. And I do. I feel loved by life and my Source Energy here, and I love the fish and the other critters we see walking about.

It’s obvious we love coming here, having even turned others onto the trips. Less obvious is the benefit they bring. Our journeys, or retreats, are all about raising our energy and improving our lives. They are about connecting more intimately with our inner guidance and becoming aware of our desires and the development that lies between us and the fulfillment of these desires.

It’s not just a vacation or a retreat, but rather a revitalizing of our minds, hearts and souls. And so, we come.

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Why Bother? 5 Reasons Why Trying is Overrated


“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

When we are trying, we are thinking there is something we should be doing differently. Unlike changing our lives towards an improvement, trying is always about thinking that something is not acceptable the way it is. Trying sucks. It can leach our time, our energy and leave us greatly disappointed.

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Manifesting With The Flow


In Manifesting, Timing Is Everything

Its Like Waiting For A Subway Train

I sit on the bench in the underground subway station. Some of my thoughts are focused on the now- when is the next subway and which line to take. I look all around at other subway trains going by, the people, posters and the floor. Most of my focus though is on where I’m going, what I’ll be doing and what it will be like when I get to where I’m going.  I don’t get desperate nor do I grasp as to when my train is coming because I know that will likely make it take longer to come; I also don’t fall asleep, causing the train to pass me by the minute I’m out.

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Feng Shui Home Tips

It’s not just you that you want in the flow!!!

Join me in this video to learn a few tips to Feng Shui your home –

Why? Because the energy that flows all around us and into our homes has a large effect on our lives.  Being as interested in energy, Spirit and improving my life as I am, I took a course to become certified in Feng Shui in Hong Kong. To practice what I learned, I ran the Feng Shui on my brother-in-law’s home who we were staying with in Hong Kong.

I asked him if he’d had certain health issues – his eyebrows raised, and he said “Yes, how did you know? My Feng Shui master cured it though-”

That’s the power of Feng Shui.

Watch the video and learn a few, simple and fun things you can do to improve the energy and the flow of energy in your home!


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Isn’t It Un-Spiritual to Let My Child Watch TV?

Is it ok for your child to watch television?

How Do You Know The Rules In Life?

I met with a friend yesterday and she told me she was relieved when she saw my Facebook update that read “Who said technology takes away our quality of life? It provides me peace and quiet”-

She hadn’t know whether it was okay to let her daughter watch TV or not and was glad that I, even as a channel or medium and biz/life coach, allow television.

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Why You Should Think Twice About Becoming a ‘New You’ in the New Year

rethink new you

Thoughts & Encouragement to Help You Attain Your Goals

You know the phrase, “Become a new you in the New Year!”? We’ve all heard it in one form or another through various channels. Sometimes it’s weight loss commercials on TV, sometimes it’s through an ad in a magazine, and sometimes it’s a little closer to home – from a friend or a loved one. I’d like to encourage you to think critically about the ‘become a new you’ notion. While this phrase is cloaked in positivity, it’s actually rooted in negativity. The idea of becoming a new person infers that you must abandon yourself to become someone else entirely – someone better. This phrase also reeks of negativity because the subliminal message is that you are not good enough. It causes you to dwell on your downfalls.

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