Why Bother? 5 Reasons Why Trying is Overrated

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“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

When we are trying, we are thinking there is something we should be doing differently. Unlike changing our lives towards an improvement, trying is always about thinking that something is not acceptable the way it is. Trying sucks. It can leach our time, our energy and leave us greatly disappointed.

5 Reasons To Flow Trying & Start Being

  1. Not You: You Can Try, But You’ll Never Be Who You Are Not
    Can you think of any time when trying wasn’t about you reaching, pushing and efforting to be someone else? People who are gifted or experts make things look easy because they don’t have to reach and push, rather they seem to magically conjure their gift or expertise. They are: they are gifted because it is already a part of who they are. Trying to be more or do more is outside of who you are. Be you. When you are you and you authentically be and do, you become magically talented to. At that point, your talent feeds you instead of starving you, as trying tends to wear us thin.
  2. Puts You Out Of the Flow
    In the flow, you are wonderful enough, as you are authentically. In the flow, all is well and you have everything that you need and what you want is coming your way. Trying is outside of the flow of life. Have you ever noticed that when you are having a great day in the flow or when you are in the zone, trying takes you right out? Have you ever been enjoying playing a game and then the minute you realize you are winning and you decide to win, you lose? That’s because you stepped right out of the flow and right into trying!
  3. Trying Is Synonymous With Exhaustion
    When you are trying, you always feel like you are reaching and stretching yourself. Have you ever heard the saying “stop trying, do”?
    True, a lot of people try hard to do something and make it happen, but it tends to exhaust them. It also raises the bar so that next time you have to try twice as hard. Trying implies doing something you are unlikely to succeed at. Doing your best, on the other hand, is about brining forth your best – no efforting, but focusing.
  4. Chasing A Carrot – You Never Finish Trying
    Pretty straight forward, right? When you are gifted or an expert (an everyone has their gifts they just need to be developed) there is no trying because you love what you are doing and doing it feeds your soul. On the other hand, when you try, it’s like you are running a marathon that you are trying to finish, but the finish line keeps moving out in front of you. To try is not the same as to be or to accomplish. It is a slight difference in syntax, but the world of difference in mindset and energy.
  5. You Can’t Try To Be Authentic
    Authenticity is a key words these days. This is because being able to be the wonderful, talented, loved and abundant version that you naturally and authentically are is pretty hard to pass up for anyone. Yes, we’d all like to feel unconditional love, to be successful and be happy – a promise of authenticity. Still one of the greatest challenges has been to stop trying to be who you are not and to allow yourself to be who you authentically are. Why would this be difficult? Because there is no instruction manual or no rules about how to be you. We get accustomed to rules at school, rules about how to behave, how to think and when to laugh out loud. We grow up with rules about when to pay fees, where to live and where not to go…
    Authenticity is not about rules at all. In life there is a lot of trying – we are taught to stretch, hurt ourselves (sometimes) and get out of our flow to try. Now it’s time to just be, to abide by what’s in our hearts and souls – and not bother trying anymore.

Life is filled with irony. One great irony is that when we stop trying, things always seem to work out just fine – or better than we could have planned. When you stop trying you stop getting yourself out of the flow. So, believe it or not, you are better off saying “why bother”, let trying flow and just being you and doing what you love and do best.

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