A Spoon Full of Sugar

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sugar spoonThe Old Was No Fun

I recently saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks and, as she is presented, the author of Mary Poppins was so rigid and ‘proper’ you could say she didn’t have room to breathe. Well, she certainly didn’t have fun or enjoyment in life.

The New Can Be Too High To Reach

Then I was listening to an Abraham recording in which they were speaking with a woman who was, straight up for you – dramatic. She was starting to tell Abraham about a problem, but Abraham cut her off, telling her ‘not to go there’. If you aren’t familiar, Abraham encourages people to raise their vibration by choosing better feeling thoughts and they discourage people from focusing on negativity or problems, as this tends to make the problems bigger.

Problem: You can turn your focus elsewhere, but energetically, the problem won’t cease to exist.

The Issue Can Tangle You Up

In this new Age of Authenticity, we have come to require life to be authentically wonderful, passionate and fascinating. However, you can’t really force it to be.

Now, Abraham is brilliant and they have not only helped many people, but they have also shaped our societal consciousness so that people see life in a far more aligned and clear way than we might be otherwise. Still, one key aspect that they don’t address is the fact that energies that you don’t prefer won’t cease to exist, with one exception which we’ll come back to.

The Flared Up Issue

Personally, I combine focused alignment with using the Golden Flow™ processes. Here’s why…

Frustration Knocks:
I was working on a web lesson. It’s hard to find the time to record these and they take energy, so when I found that my 30 minute recording session only recorded ninety seconds – even though the recording indicator was on, I broke. All of a sudden, with just the realization that my efforts had been in vain, all of the problems I carry but wasn’t focusing on, came forward. All of a sudden my life went from sweet to heavy and the weight was enough to break me.

A break or a fall like that can be hard to recover from. The bottom line was that I wasn’t seeing something in myself and the break helped me see more clearly, after the heartache and flowing, of course.

Flowing Again:
I bounced back. How? I let everything go and began flowing my energy. We all have problems and, true, we don’t want to emphasize or grow these, but ignoring them doesn’t work either. Skeletons in the closet like problems in our lives that we avoid, require larger and larger closets and make themselves known in other ways. Problems are energy and energy doesn’t disappear.

So, How Do You Deal With The Problems?

I hope you are asking, the old wasn’t fun, you can’t really fake it ‘til you make it, so how do I handle those skeletons?

Fresh Air

Clean house- open the window and closet door to let fresh air in. Go about your business and then close the door and window in the evening.

Treat your problems the same way because that’s all they need, some flow.

Let It Flow To Let New Air In

The Golden Flow™ System helps you do this. It helps you get back in your flow. Like fresh air to your home, you need to be in the flow of yourself, or more specifically, of your Source Energy.

The Golden Flow™ allows you to shift your problem simply by welcoming the problem. Flowing it, which can bring about resolution or a solution, allows something else to take over, the way nature comes in the window and brings fresh air to your house.

More importantly, flowing your problem can be like a spoon full of sugar because it allows the sting or heaviness of an issue or problem to become sweeter. It allows you to release the difficulty and brings a new, fresh perspective.

One well-kept secret is that problems, issues and difficulties bring gifts. When we avoid our problems we also avoid the gift that it brings. For example, my break caused me to re-examine my priorities and bring some added value and meaning to my life. The heaviness hurt, but in the flow, there’s no sting or wound left. Just the sweetness of life.

Get In The Vortex, In The Flow

Abraham’s correct, we need to get in the vortex, which is called the flow, the zone and which The Oracle calls your Source Energy’s world. That’s the place where you are authentically you and all is well.

Getting in isn’t easy, but raising your energy so that you vibrate above your problems can be easier when you are flowing your energy. As I said, the one exception by which we can ‘not go there’ and still stay in the flow is by raising our energy above the problem, as this dissipates the problem. This, however, is extremely difficult to do. If you could, you’d vibrate your way out of all your problems. Master do so and everyone else will… some day.

In the meantime, flowing your energy gives you the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you open the closet door and let fresh air in. This raise in energy sweeps away the old, static energy in your home and in your life. On the other hand, flowing your problems also allows you to feel the way you feel and move right through the experience.

The truth is that Masters take on the energy of the world, they don’t deny it. Flowing your energy will, therefore, let you begin to treat life the way a master does and it will allow you to break less often or bounce right back into a more enlightened, golden (divine) flow.

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