Allow Your Life to Be – Day 4

April 23, 2020 | | Comments 0

Remove the emotional charges around your Allowing today.

Emotional charges are places that snag you. They are often called your buttons, which others push. You get “set off” for, what can often seem like, no good reason or for a reason you feel is justified, while others can’t relate. Your emotional charges put you in the same place over and over because they are a stuck energy, so that the same button being pushed puts you in the same reaction every time. Learn to flow your emotional charges so that you can get into your Golden Flow(TM), a state of being in which you learn to flow and not get pushed around. In the flow you will also increase your allowing because you won’t find yourself in the same reactions, but rather in a state of flow in which you can allow the new energies you prefer for your life.

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