An Introduction to The Golden Flow of Allowing

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A Most Powerful Series of Techniques for Personal Growth

This is a the introduction to the free audio for the Golden Flow System . The Golden Flow System is a powerful system, which gives peace, well-being, and spiritual connection with little effort in a short amount of time.

Additionally, when in the state of well-being and positive energy, you fall naturally into The Law of Attraction, empowering your manifestation abilities to new heights.

Here is a transcript of the Introduction to The Golden Flow

Free audio available

Hello, my name is Kristopher Raphael. I am very excited to bring to you the new Golden Flow System. My wife Kalyn and I have been teaching personal growth and human development for a number years now, and the Golden Flow is by far the quickest path to, not only transformation, but to happiness, health, well-being, and empowerment to manifest your deepest desires.

The beauty of the Golden Flow is in its simplicity. It can be used as a meditative process, while you are going about your day, and before you slumber. You can use this tool 24 hours a day if you choose to. The more you use it the more effective it becomes. The speed of its beneficial effects never fails to amaze me. We recently did a weekend seminar where we introduced the Golden Flow. The participants had been working on themselves for several years. Some had been on a personal growth paths, others on spiritual paths for quite some time. In just two days all of the participants experienced as many, if not more gains, than they had during all their previous work on themselves, which for some was years of work.

The Golden Flow System consists of two basic parts. These are release and replace. Through simple, yet powerful techniques, you release blocks, resistances, negativity, emotional charges, mental machinations, stress, fears – anything that stops you from being in the natural flow. When you are in your natural flow, you live in the now, connected to higher aspects of self. When you live from this place, your life flows seemingly effortlessly. To the degree you are in the flow, well-being, health, and good things flow into your life. The gap between your desires, and what you manifest in form begins to disappear.

When you have released any blocks or resistances, and are in the natural flow of the now moment, you are ready to replace. You replace with essences that come from higher aspects of self. This higher aspect is called many different names – such as Source Energy, Soul, Higher Self, Core Self, or the Tao to name a few. It doesn’t matter what you call it, or even whether you believe you have something like a Higher Self. When you are in the flow, you are able to tap the essences that flow from those parts of self. The essences are unlimited and pure. You could call them pure Source Energy, if you wish. Love, abundance, peace, power, and knowingness describe a few of the many essences that are available to you when in the flow.

Essences are the precursors to energy becoming manifest into form. By replacing what you have released with pure essences, you bring not only the quality of the essences into self, but you bring your deep desires, which at their core are essence, into manifestation into your life.

The recording you are about to hear is an introduction to the Golden Flow System. It is the first in the Golden Flow of Acceptance series. In it, you will experience releasing negative feelings, problems or challenges in your life, and any person or people that cause you stress in your life. Using the Golden Flow techniques, when you release a problem, you allow the solution. Have you ever tried to figure out where you left your keys, only to find that when you gave up and let go the answer was there all along? Releasing is similar. When you release, let go and allow, the solutions to problems appear, problems with people vanish, and all the trying to make something happen or get something is replaced with having.

I suggest that when you first listen to the recording, you do so in a place where you can relax, undisturbed. Once you have become accustomed to the process, you can use most of the Golden Flow techniques wherever you happen to be. Please be aware that these are live recordings. You will hear the occasional background noise, or sounds of people or participants in the background. Simply allow these sounds to be there. Use the process often. As you do so, you will soon feel an uplift in your being, and will notice your life flowing in a wonderful direction.

If you wish more information, please go to for more information. This introductory recording is copyrighted by Lightwurks, LLC. You are encouraged to share it with friends and loved ones. We just ask that both this introduction and the actual process remain intact. Enjoy!

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  1. Susan says:

    I am a huge fan of the Law of Attraction. Another of my favorites is Eckart Tolle, specifically his book The Power of Now. I have not listened to your recording, but I’m sure I will enjoy it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mckay K says:

    I love this blog. And, I am so grateful for our friendship.

    CONGRATULATIONS on receiving the Flower of Friendship Award.

    You may pick it up at my site.

    Be well

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