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Well, Come, My Manifestation

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney If only we were taught such truths in kindergarten and elementary school, right? These two quotes are the kind you should print out […]

Death & Rebirth In Your Lifetime

“Dos capuchinos, porfa” I ask in Spanish. Karl and our daughter just went to the buffet while I hold a table for us and begin to type. We’re in the beautiful Bahia Principe hotel, about 90 miles south of Cancun. We love this area, called the Mayan Caribbean, and have come at least once a […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 2

What is it that you need to allow in order to increase the allowing in your life? The truth is that you need to allow what you and your Source Energy are working to attract to your life so that you may experience it. Sometimes realizing that what you desire to experience is not a […]

Why Bother? 5 Reasons Why Trying is Overrated

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare When we are trying, we are thinking there is something we should be doing differently. Unlike changing our lives towards an improvement, trying is always about thinking that something is not acceptable the way it is. Trying sucks. It can leach our […]

Manifesting With The Flow

In Manifesting, Timing Is Everything Its Like Waiting For A Subway Train I sit on the bench in the underground subway station. Some of my thoughts are focused on the now- when is the next subway and which line to take. I look all around at other subway trains going by, the people, posters and […]

Isn’t It Un-Spiritual to Let My Child Watch TV?

How Do You Know The Rules In Life? I met with a friend yesterday and she told me she was relieved when she saw my Facebook update that read “Who said technology takes away our quality of life? It provides me peace and quiet”- She hadn’t know whether it was okay to let her daughter […]

Why You Should Think Twice About Becoming a ‘New You’ in the New Year

Thoughts & Encouragement to Help You Attain Your Goals You know the phrase, “Become a new you in the New Year!”? We’ve all heard it in one form or another through various channels. Sometimes it’s weight loss commercials on TV, sometimes it’s through an ad in a magazine, and sometimes it’s a little closer to […]

Say Goodbye to 2013!

The end of a year marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a bigger and better version of you! How do you tap into this version of you? Let the Past Flow, Let it Go In 1 -2 – 3 Steps To make things simple for yourself, spend five minutes or an […]

Treat Yourself The Way That You Want Law Of Attraction To Have Others To Treat You

Have you ever found that the golden rule doesn’t work for you? This is because Law of Attraction is reflecting your energy. When you are being good to others, it doesn’t mean that you are treating yourself well. Law of Attraction then sees how you feel and the energy you have towards yourself and it […]

Kalyn’s Golden Flow Videos

What is the Golden Flow & how do you get your life in the flow? Join me in this video in which I talk to you about getting in the flow: Don’t try to avoid life or avoid negative things! Instead, in this quick video, flow a little with me. I’ll go over the 3 […]

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