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Kalyn’s Golden Flow Videos: Erase a Bad Day

Let’s get in the flow! Something happens that you don’t like or prefer. Law of Attraction (LOA) says that you will now have more of that – so most people try not to think about it. Have you ever tried to not think about the pink elephant in the room? It takes a lot of […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 5

The most common charge that keeps you from Allowing. Let go and let it flow. As you know, attachments hold you back and down. They are an emotional charge that is binding you to whatever it is that you are attached to. When people say that you need to release your attachments they don’t mean […]

Use Law of Attraction to Help You Have a Better Parenting Experience

What is Law of Attraction bringing you relative to your parenting? Is your parenting experience a great one? Do you enjoy your child or do you have melt down in public? In this video I talk to you about being a “let’s have a great time” kind of parent so that Law of Attraction responds […]

The Missing Piece to Getting Law of Attraction to Effortlessly Work for You

I know! Your positive thoughts and feelings aren’t working! Why isn’t law of attraction working for you? Hi! I’m Kalyn, your Abundance Coach – in this video I’m going to have understand the missing piece to get law of attraction to work for you. I’ll also talk you through a few examples about why thoughts […]

A Spoon Full of Sugar

The Old Was No Fun I recently saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks and, as she is presented, the author of Mary Poppins was so rigid and ‘proper’ you could say she didn’t have room to breathe. Well, she certainly didn’t have fun or enjoyment in life. Originally posted 2014-01-08 21:08:48.

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 3

Remove your own ideas, beliefs and blocks in order to increase your Allowing today. Have you ever had a friend tell you to just “get over yourself”? If you recognize that it is because you are your greatest block and that your friend is helping you realize that the only problem-causer is you, then you […]

Living in the Flow – Youth and Change

If you’ve been following our emails for a little while then you know we made a huge move from New Mexico to Florida 6 months ago. Moving half way across the country has changed everything for us from the types of food and restaurants available to us to changes in the people around us and […]

In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 2

Charge-Free Being We recently gave a workshop in which participants came into their state of flow and connected with their Source Energy to work on increasing the flow of their own authenticity. One woman was doing very well the first half of the workshop. She was seeing her life from a different energetic perspective and […]

In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 3 Directing

Evolution Of Your Beliefs People used to believe that to be authentic and especially to be spiritual, one had to be free off imperfections. Fortunately, this limiting belief is changing. We are more and more coming to recognize that being authentic, spiritual, evolved and even divine don’t mean we must be perfect. We are realizing […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 1

Perhaps you have heard that you can allow your life to be, but that most people don’t allow. How is it that you don’t allow? This week we’ll look at allowing and how simple and effortless it can be to allow your life to be what you prefer. Today begin by looking at how you […]

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