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The Golden Flow of the Now Moment

The Magic of Living In The Now “To be in the now moment means that you release all of the problems, all of the worries, and you bring the full of yourself to here and now.  And within that now moment, your now moment allows your source to flow through you into your life.” The […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 2

What is it that you need to allow in order to increase the allowing in your life? The truth is that you need to allow what you and your Source Energy are working to attract to your life so that you may experience it. Sometimes realizing that what you desire to experience is not a […]

The Universe Conspires to Support You

“The Universe Conspires to Support You” The Oracle Everywhere you go, your Source Energy, the Universe is there supporting you and guiding you in the most fantastic ways, and often in the most unexpected places. This is a power sign I received as I was disembarking off my plane in Albuquerque airport. I looked up […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 5

The most common charge that keeps you from Allowing. Let go and let it flow. As you know, attachments hold you back and down. They are an emotional charge that is binding you to whatever it is that you are attached to. When people say that you need to release your attachments they don’t mean […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 3

Remove your own ideas, beliefs and blocks in order to increase your Allowing today. Have you ever had a friend tell you to just “get over yourself”? If you recognize that it is because you are your greatest block and that your friend is helping you realize that the only problem-causer is you, then you […]

Allowing Your Glory and Greatness to Be

You are a multidimensional being. Most people are aware of their persona, which consists of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and their physical body. However, there is another aspect of Who you are, an aspect that contains your greatness and glory. This aspect has many different names such as Source Energy, Higher Self, Core Being, and so […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 1

Perhaps you have heard that you can allow your life to be, but that most people don’t allow. How is it that you don’t allow? This week we’ll look at allowing and how simple and effortless it can be to allow your life to be what you prefer. Today begin by looking at how you […]

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An Introduction to The Golden Flow of Allowing

A Most Powerful Series of Techniques for Personal Growth This is a the introduction to the free audio for the Golden Flow System . The Golden Flow System is a powerful system, which gives peace, well-being, and spiritual connection with little effort in a short amount of time. Additionally, when in the state of well-being […]

Allow Your Life to Be – Day 4

Remove the emotional charges around your Allowing today. Emotional charges are places that snag you. They are often called your buttons, which others push. You get “set off” for, what can often seem like, no good reason or for a reason you feel is justified, while others can’t relate. Your emotional charges put you in […]

Manifesting: The Language of Your Source Energy

You can’t help it, there’s something you want. You look at work, your home, your family (or lack of) and you wish for it to be different even when you don’t have the conscious thought. Why? Several Game Players Manifesting Because there are several game-players when it comes to manifesting your life. There is your […]

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