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In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 1

Demanding Creation: Does This Work Or Do You Get Pushed Back? I recently saw a video interview of a woman who spoke well of the way we create or manifest things in our lives. She spoke of demanding, which required being free of judgment, conclusions and such. This was great to hear because, while it […]

Feeding the Critters

Really? You’re Going To Chastise Me? Are You Genuine or Judgmental? So, here I am in paradise. Karl and I love traveling down to the Mayan Caribbean in Mexico for the weather, the aquamarine ocean and the amazing energy that uplifts our lives with every visit. This is a Caribbean by the jungle and one […]

Playing God or Seeing Clearly?

It was hard to see through the flood of tears, but now I realized that our elderly Chi (Chihuahua), Lucy, looked at peace for the first time in I couldn’t remember how long. We had adopted her three and a half years ago and, as with most pet shelter adoptions, we didn’t know anything about […]

Disney’s Flow is Definite As He Is Saving Mr. Banks

The Golden Flow’s Spiritual Cinema I have changed my mind. I blog and I tell people to change their minds because this changes everything, and now I have. I mean, I change my mind all of the time, but not on as large of a scale as this… Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson bring new […]

No “Lessons”, Just Be

Life is simple. And yet, somehow or another, I’ve had to learn, re-learn and bump into the same “lessons” time and time again. Frankly, we all do – The greatest “lesson” that we are all trying to live is about just being who we authentically are. I say “lesson” because you can’t learn who you […]

Freak Out Your Wonderful Day

“Hold the press, stop the world and freak out!” That was today’s message from life when a client paniced because I didn’t take care of an important calendar event listing that I didn’t know about. Wait! How do I take care of what I don’t know about and why do I feel so bad and […]

Life Doesn’t Suck – Video 1

  Whether you’re in paradise or going about the tasks of your everyday, life doesn’t suck. As humans have an incredibly powerful tool to help make sure that life doesn’t suck. This tool helps us to change your experience, no matter your circumstances. That tool is imagination. In your imagination you have the power to […]

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