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boca beach - WEBChange: How Do Your Respond When Life Wants You To Jump To The Next Level

Back in high school history I read about ‘the shot that was heard around the world’ which, as I recall, was the first shot that began the revolutionary war. ‘Being heard around the world’ creates a clear message that its impact went beyond those immediately affected.

Now, I’m not saying that my news was world-renowned, but this was what came to mind because people reacted as if it were breaking news. I suppose that even more than the news, it was the way we went about things that caused the stir. More specifically, it was the range of reactions that really caught my attention. Change is a fundamental part of life. All of life changes with your every breath. Change is often seen as a negative thing, but it’s actually always a positive one – at least from the eyes of Source Energy. Apparently, our moving out of state was a significant change to those around us because some reacted as though we were rocking their boat.

Change & The News

The Miami Air

Karl and I had been living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for two months shy of ten years. The truth is that we’d been openly talking about moving for a couple of years, but our trips abroad to Mexico, Bali, Mexico again, the Caribbean, more Mexico and in the US just didn’t grab us. Every time we went somewhere I looked with hungry eyes and talked about the possibility of moving here, so people were used to our talking. Bali, one of the most appealing trips of our lives, was pure magic. To live in Bali would be to live in a vibration that raises your life. The many temples and the people’s way of life marked Bali as a top destination. When we took a meditation group there, we all experienced pure magic. Everyone lost weight, even a couple that were pretty heavy; problems that married couples were first bickering about became resolved. Difficulties seem to be vibrated right out of us all and making the highest choices for yourself, like running everyday, became easy to prefer. Aside from the amazing enhancement to our lives via our meditations, bathing away our karma at Titan pool, and the sights, smells, tastes and experiences in Bali left everyone looking into property.  This is a retreat you want to jump on whenever we offer it again.

Still, Karl and I realized that Bali was a place to come and retire. It wouldn’t afford us the ability to increase our personal power, which was the next challenge in our lives at the time.

Several other cities caught our eye as well. We almost put a deposit down on a house in San Miguel de Allende – so people were accustomed to us playing with a change. Magical cities always capture our attention when we experience amazing life-altering and energy-raising journeys (and often take people on retreats). In the end though, we always came home to Santa Fe, which was plenty magical and wonderful too.

It’s In The Air

Every fall something is in the works. The Oracle says that this is when energies for the next New Year start to come forward. So, if you tune in or are in sync with the flow of your life, the fall months often offer an opening and new possibilities abound, the way it might have felt when you were graduating from school.

And so, last fall we worked on being in the flow as best we could. Being in the flow, by my definition, means being in a place where you are working with life. Life might be God, your Higher Self… I call it Source. So, we go about doing our best, seeing where we are meant to become more of who we truly are and consciously set about working toward that.

We felt that we were culminating our energy-raising fall with the cruise scheduled for early December out of Miami. We’d been to Miami before and it’s easy to love the wonderful weather when it’s freezing back at home, and appreciate the amazing fruits and salads that are available.

Our 8 day cruise took us to Puerto Rico, St Martin, St Thomas and Grand Turk. Again, it was easy to appreciate the crystal blue waters that stir my soul, the warm sun that nurtures my skin and the beauty of so much life. While we enjoyed the cruise, we also focused on raising ourselves and a choice to go to the next level in our lives.

On the cruise I even told my mom that we were playing with the idea of a move to Miami. But, this was followed with the typical ‘but we’re dreaming because we don’t know how we’d be able to make that happen’. Therein lies the trick: see, we don’t make it happen. Something bigger, wiser and more able to create our lives is what makes it happen. Karl and I alone couldn’t resolve leaving the house, renters, a business, three dogs and two cats. And that was the story. ‘Yes, we’d love to move, but we haven’t found a place we like better than Santa Fe and how would we leave…’

So, I meditated. And I flowed. One night I was having a difficult time sleeping, so I put my headphones on and I flowed and flowed. I experienced one of those rare meditations in which I was consciously mostly asleep, which means I was able to get deeper, focused on my meditation and was able to hold and flow the energy of the meditation. I was able to activate my desire which had clearly become a move to the Miami area for Karl and I. In the last couple of weeks it had become clear that we now knew where we wanted to go and we knew what Miami represented. It was all about our moving to the next level in life; it was about raising and expanding ourselves and becoming a greater, more present and pronounced version of ourselves. For me it meant taking our relationship into greater intimacy; becoming a more active mother, starting another coaching group for entrepreneurs and expanding our marketing firm.

True, we all have such aspirations. But we don’t all acknowledge them or activate the energy of them. So our dedication to raising our energy and the flowing paid off.

The Morning After

When you are in the flow, time doesn’t exist. Things shift – sometimes before your very eyes. It’s cool to see something that seems unchangeable or hard to change, like an office downtown, shift. I woke up the next morning and was greeted by Karl who was grinning ear to ear. “I know what we can do. Let’s change offices. The rent we are paying there we can then use to pay rent in Miami.” Brilliant. In the flow, everything changes and you are greeted by solutions.

That morning everything was different and we knew how to make our move happen. We knew what to do about every ‘unchangeable’ situation, like having 3 dogs. We knew how this was going to come together- if you ask me, it was because I flowed and tapped myself into the energy of the move, which changed everything in my life instantly, like I’d woken up in a parallel universe. We knew, and 90 minutes later on our drive into work I emailed our 30 day notice for the office downtown.

Ok, so now you know that I can be a bit verbose… finally- the point. Announcing the change:

 boca drive - WEB

Do You Welcome Change?

When you are close to someone and changes occur in your life you know it affects them. However, with friends or colleagues who have their own lives, you expect that your changes won’t freak them out. That’s one of the problems with expectations – they often let you down. (A higher law to live by relies on happiness coming from within so that you aren’t expecting something outside of you to make you happy).

At this point we didn’t need confirmation that about the move being ‘the right thing’ for us. We knew we could expand our offices in a larger city and all internal signs within us, such as our desires, were pointing to ‘move’. If we had needed the confirmation, it would have come in the overwhelming response to our news. Everyone from our property manager at the office to new colleagues I’d just met expressed the same thing: they’d love to be moving too. However, the way they expressed this varied from enthusiasm and excitement for us to reactions that put people in a tail spin. A couple of people responded as though they were being abandoned, recalling times in their life someone else had moved and left them behind. It’s always a bit awkward to have someone react as though you’ve just turned their emotional stability upside-down, completely unfocused on the fact that you are doing something you need to do for your life. Even though they are focused on themselves instead of you, it’s truly a big compliment. Read deeper than the reaction so that ‘when I was young my best friend left without telling me- they just packed and were gone!’ becomes ‘having you gone is going to leave a gap in my heart – this is showing me how close we are’.

Some people genuinely congratulated us. One person was inspired and is going traveling around the world for a couple months; another couple (lovingly) thought we were poor saps dreaming and impossible dream, so were a bit shocked but thrilled that we were going for it. We inspired them too.

A teaching moment (since I’m a coach/teacher): how do you react to life? Do you take the worst angle, in this example feeling like something is being done to you in the negative, or do you take change as a point of inspiration to do and be more in accordance with your own dreams?


The Double-Take

Given it all, the responses surprised us for a reason you might not expect. Those who we naturally positively influence and mentor don’t listen when their about to jump into the fire, but listened intently to our news- which was about us, not them- as thought this was key information in their lives. Now you’re paying attention, I think to myself, not when you were making major life decisions for yourself? Others, like the President I was going to assist as Chair on the Trustees Board, genuinely told me I didn’t have to stay on- no worries – clearly focused on me and the choice I was making for myself.

So a second teaching moment: life is an illusion and, like thirst in the desert, we often focus on the wrong thing, leaving us imagining an oasis that isn’t there. Where do you focus? Do you look at the real things occurring and the true intentions or do you get lost, wrapped up in your own reactions, which often are only about you or you in the past?

One great lesson that modern spiritual paths often miss is that we can’t always listen to and follow our feelings or desires when these are based on the past. If you aren’t seeing the forest for the trees then you might be focused on a world in which there is only you and your past experiences. Aside from not putting you in the now moment, such a world is not an authentic one. Because the past is gone and the energy of it has flowed and changed, as energy does, the past no longer is. In other words, the past only lives in our memory as energy never stands still. Thus, you don’t want to focus on such worlds of the past or possible hurt and pain when creating your now moment experience or tomorrow’s experience. You want to look deeper than reactions to what is occurring in you and others you are connected to. Focusing on now also brings you closer to the flow, a better place to come from.

Change is always a good thing. It means you are experiencing things that are bringing you closer to your dreams- true, you might be taking a fluid route in which things can happen overnight or you might be taking the long road. Which path you take is up to you, and you choose the path based on how you react and what you focus on.

Me, I’m focused on Boca Raton, just north of Miami, where I’m going to live life at the next exciting, expansive level.

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