Death & Rebirth In Your Lifetime

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death and rebirth

“Dos capuchinos, porfa” I ask in Spanish. Karl and our daughter just went to the buffet while I hold a table for us and begin to type. We’re in the beautiful Bahia Principe hotel, about 90 miles south of Cancun. We love this area, called the Mayan Caribbean, and have come at least once a year for the past 16 years, starting with our honeymoon. This hotel is so large that they have four lobbies. Yesterday we rode the tram from the beach to our lobby and estimated that they have about a hundred acres of land. And we’ve never seen the hotel so crowded- as though they’ve rented each of their 3,000 rooms!

Generally coming here is coming to paradise. We get in the flow, bring groups who also get in the flow and live it up. Meals are included and everything is delicious. They have plenty of veggies, guac and refried beans – some of my favorites. Outside the amorphous pools turn corners, go by a pool-side bar, under a bridge and then parallel the ocean. Ahhh, the ocean. Sitting on the coral white sands is like nothing else; gazing at the calm ebb and flow of the aqua colored water and seeing some silver-blue fish swimming by, asking me to feed them. And I do. I feel loved by life and my Source Energy here, and I love the fish and the other critters we see walking about.

It’s obvious we love coming here, having even turned others onto the trips. Less obvious is the benefit they bring. Our journeys, or retreats, are all about raising our energy and improving our lives. They are about connecting more intimately with our inner guidance and becoming aware of our desires and the development that lies between us and the fulfillment of these desires.

It’s not just a vacation or a retreat, but rather a revitalizing of our minds, hearts and souls. And so, we come.

Rewind Back Two Years

The Death of Something Good

All things change and even good things come to an end. The last three trips over the last couple of years have felt different, like it would be our last trip and as though the trips just weren’t stirring me the same wonderful way.

Karl felt it too. We’d visit our favorite pyramid, looked at each other and sighed, feeling like it was going, flowing right out of our lives. How do you let go of the place where you’ve had visions of past lives, where you’ve had meditations that tapped you into the highest realms of energy you’ve ever seen and where you were first gifted a channeling ability?

In my heart, this land that I call home (because my soul is at home here), was transforming, no longer feeding my soul as it once had.

It is strange to see things coming to an end or a close before my eyes. It’s like reality is melting right before me, but it doesn’t know it. Don’t know if you’d call it a gift or a curse. Either way, I’ve learned to go with the flow, realizing that things change for the better. Sometimes I’m relieved by the change and other times I’m not ready to let go. I certainly wasn’t ready to let go of my Mayan Caribbean home…

A few years ago we were bequeathed a time share, so we figured it was time to start traveling to new places to find a new favorite spot.

Back To The Present

Death Means Rebirth

We’ve come to this hotel six times over the years and little changed. This year there was change.

For starters, I should say that the flow still brought us here for an annual retreat. Nothing better than escaping the freezing weather at home to lay on the beach and revitalize your soul during the winter.

You can imagine that we know this hotel pretty well – six visits later. Around the second visit I was sure I’d gotten stuck in the twilight zone, walking around in a circle trying to find our room… of course, such an experience makes it such that you create an internal map of the place.

So delight entered my eyes when everything looked familiar and different on this trip. The hotel had made some noted changes from our last trip two years ago. A new colorful water park for children greeted youngsters with a “You must be shorter than this to come play!” sign at the entrance. My daughter, who won’t be short enough for long, acquiesced.

New white rattan furniture added extra seating and tables poolside, creating the ability for some (like me) to come blog in our bathing suits. A few other changes greeted us, but overall, just as I see things melt, I saw things reborn in my eyes.

What? I asked. What’s going on? I feel an inner spark and home is stirring my soul again! How is this possible?

It’s not possible, it’s a change. A change that was occurring and occurred in me. Truth is, the end of an era or a cycle came and our way of life was what ended or died. In its place a new life was coming forward. At home, we were undergoing a significant change with a new move out of state. Just as our daughter is no longer a little girl, but is becoming a little lady, we too were growing and moving on to our next level. The Mayan Caribbean had reflected this, showing that our old life was changing and my ability to have my soul stirred and revitalized was being born again in a new and more exciting way.

Let It Go to Let It Flow

Life is all about flow and flow is all about change. True, we can’t all see things ending and starting anew. For me it is one of the byproducts of making my personal and spiritual path a priority. Still, life offers deaths and rebirths to us all. They are a wonderful thing, attachments aside, because they allow us to become different people in different adventures within our lifetime. In the flow of life this is natural. As we journey through different stages of life, our needs, desires and focus in life change and evolve.

You don’t have to be able to see things ending before you to be aware that they are ending. You can choose to co-create your life such that you are a part of the changes and a designer of your next chapter. Designers and co-creators have visions and dreams, so have these. They also work with life, recognizing that life (God, Source or whatever word you like) is a far larger contributor to your experience. So the best designers and co-creators are in the flow of their desire and change. The best designers and co-creators, thus, welcome deaths – and rebirths- in their lives.

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