Disney’s Flow is Definite As He Is Saving Mr. Banks

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The Golden Flow’s Spiritual Cinema

I have changed my mind. I blog and I tell people to change their minds because this changes everything, and now I have.

I mean, I change my mind all of the time, but not on as large of a scale as this…

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson bring new light to a California girl who grew up visiting Disneyland, as it was called in those days. In the flow of life, things are supposed to work out. No problems on a spiritual path, right? Well, that’s what we all say. When you are in the flow of life, problems are minimized. Right? Well, sort of.

Here’s a clearer picture: when you are in the flow, you don’t let things bother you. You have changed your mind and, in the flow, you have allowed the problem to be minimized. As such, the problems that come along in life are not so bad and, as you get further into the flow, they unravel, resolve or you know how to handle them.

I have to say, I’ve never faced a problem on an issue that went on for twenty years. Learning about Walt Disney’s quest to turn the book Mary Poppins into a movie was enlightening. I don’t know that I would have pursued it a couple of years in, the way Disney did.

And it’s not just that he did, it’s how he did it…

A Super Proper Bitch

I’m not judging P.L. Travers here, I’m saying it like it is. For someone to put forth such negativity, to be arrogant, dismissive, rude… well, bitch is a descriptive word, not judgmentally-intended. I wrote a blog on another site, for entrepreneurially-minded people interested in marketing, some time ago. In it I spoke about an experience my writer employee and I had when facing an interview with a woman who chose to be angry and raise her voice with us for twenty minutes. In the blog, I spoke about the need to get over emotional charges and focus on your biz if you are to be successful in this age, the Age of Authenticity.

I also said that it would be just fine with me if I never saw this woman again, who never did let us interview her. She was too attached to being mad at us because a previous meeting (with a previous writer/employee) had not been cancelled. Bad form, true. We apologized, though the behavior of the previous writer was out of my control.

Now P.L. Travers was the same. However, where I was alright with not pursuing the interview, Disney kept at it. I wasn’t motivated like he was in his dream to make the movie, but he still had one of life’s best lessons to illustrate to us all:

Attracting More Bees In The Flow Of You

The truth be told, Disney didn’t get P.L. Travers to come around because ‘you can attract more bees with honey’. Disney, as he is portrayed in the movie, was persistently himself. Disney didn’t allow her behavior to anger him, to dismiss or be rude back to her and so on. Instead, he consistently kept to himself and his dream.

In my recent book, Be You, Be Authentic, Be Unlimited (available on Amazon at I talk about four keys to living large – which is really synonymous with living in the flow. These are: 1 Know yourself, 2 Allow, 3 Own and 4 Express. Live these and you’ll be in the flow, happy, fulfilled, successful…

Well, Disney truly knew who he was and what his dream was. How else would anyone be able to chase one dream, like turning the book into a movie, for twenty years, especially after the author shows up and is anything but agreeable?

Disney was Disney with her, all the way to the end when he won her over (no spoiler alert, you know he made the movie).

See the movie! It was fabulous. Disney was a man in the flow – and if you want to see what your Source Energy can work through you, he’s a great example. He was also a man who lived my four keys to being you, being authentic and being unlimited. Let Disney change your mind about how you approach life and how you handle the challenges that come along so that they are minimized- and so that they don’t keep you from being you.

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