Feeding the Critters

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feeding the crittersReally? You’re Going To Chastise Me?

Are You Genuine or Judgmental?

So, here I am in paradise. Karl and I love traveling down to the Mayan Caribbean in Mexico for the weather, the aquamarine ocean and the amazing energy that uplifts our lives with every visit. This is a Caribbean by the jungle and one of the little things I most delight in is feeding the wildlife. Shame on me, right? My daughter loves it too.

Yes, I’m guilty of ignoring the ‘do not feed the animals’ or the fish by the ocean signs. Yes, I know that the animals are supposed to naturally find their own food and that when they get too close, someone will get bitten or scratched, complain and the hotel will have to do away with the problem…

Yes, I think we all know this. And still, there I go. 

Bad or Living the Dream?

I wasn’t hungry for breakfast and thought that I would be starving after the breakfast buffet shut down. So, I made an egg sandwich and took it with me. Around four we ran into a group of coatis, these unique lemur-raccoon-brown creatures that fascinate me – and that I love to feed.

So, I pull out my sandwich and my daughter and I delight in feeding them… then a woman walks by, pushing a stroller. She speaks to the air saying that the animals shouldn’t be fed. ‘Yes, I know’ I say, and her husband then says there are signs saying so…

My bad. There are wars, raping and pillaging going on in the world – but I’m being chastise for feeding animals. Geez.

See Things Clearly

Here’s the thing: you might judge me, but you too would be like the couple walking by speaking passive-aggressively to the air, not to me, as though I need to be told about this rule.

That’s the definition of being a hypocrite. It’s also the definition of arrogance.

See, I love feeding the animals. And, who’s to say that I’m not doing the right thing? After all, this jungle has had acres upon acres stripped away and turned into hotels. No doubt many species have lost their homes and might not have the resources to find food – and instead just find people.

Now, I’m not defending my actions, but I am telling you that I’m focused on me and what is deeply fulfilling to me. I travel thousands of miles to come here and, from the bottom of my heart, feeding the critters is one of my greatest highlights. So, doing this warms my heart. It is an expression of love and delight for me – and so, I can’t say whether it is right or wrong. I can just tell you that we all break the rules, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t such a bad one.

What we don’t all do is come from our hearts. Nope, instead a lot of people come from a judgment or a passive-aggressive feeling that they misplace on someone they have never met before. Others come from their past, or fears and worries.

In the kitchen of life, the ingredients you put in are what make your experience. If you are always feeling angry or fearful, what do you think that manifests like in the world? If you are coming from joy and laughter, aren’t you making the world a better place? Of course. We all prefer to experience a happy person than a sad or mad one. That’s because we have to experience their mood – truly their energy – and everyone would rather be uplifted than downtrodden.

The Frustrated Parent

Have you ever seen a parent who has clearly lost it and is getting verbally or emotionally abusive with their young child in public? What do you do? Do you tell them that abusing children, as they are, leads to school shootings – because it does. Or can you see how this will only cause them to abuse their children further?

Instead, have you ever sympathized and reminded them that we all have rough patches but that they have a beautiful child? The sympathy alone will bring their frustration down. The compliment will soften them and change the way they handle the next few moments and the rest of their day.

Treating people in this way, with compassion and extending uplifting words and energies, is the recipe for heaven on earth.

Arrogant people who will tell you what is right or wrong don’t really know the difference. They are the ones that will encourage greater abuse in children and all aspects of life.

People who smile and communicate warmth are the ones that change the world because they know how tough life can be and they don’t have to rub it in. They are the ones spreading warmth and cheer and everyone prefers these to a judgment.

Judge Not, But Flow

In the flow we can’t make judgments, as they are one of the quickest ways to get out of the flow. We look deeper than the surface to each unique experience in our own lives. In the flow we also know that the best way to impact another is to uplift them, so we don’t judge them but rather stay focused on our own energy. Life is unique to each person, so we can’t say what will put another in or out of the flow; we also can’t say what’s right or wrong for another. One of the greatest mistakes people, cities, governments and nations make is that they try to force things on others – rules, laws or behavior. However, the best way to influence another’s behavior is to uplift, not condemn them.

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