Freak Out Your Wonderful Day

August 19, 2020 | | Comments 0

“Hold the press, stop the world and freak out!”

That was today’s message from life when a client paniced because I didn’t take care of an important calendar event listing that I didn’t know about. Wait! How do I take care of what I don’t know about and why do I feel so bad and so responsible?

A Major Wrench

Talk about getting me out of the flow! Life has these glitches and throws a wrench in the clockworks -and- life knows how to personalize these, torturing each of us in a precisely perfect suited way for us. So much for my wonderful day…

The reason these are custom-made tortures is that we all have our own energy. Like a computer program that is precise, our energy precisely works with life to create our perfect hell. How perfectly horrible!

Now, you may be thinking, ‘Geez, Kalyn, what’s the problem? No client can threaten that there’s going to be ‘trouble’ if you don’t do what you aren’t asked to do!’ You may even be thinking that I should be chewing my client out – and you aren’t wrong. However, I know me and my energy. Yes, I needed (and did) talk with my client, but it’s all me. At this point in my path, I’m wise enough to recognize my buttons and my issues at play. I’m wise enough not to think that my client, who apologized without my demanding or chastizing them, loves me and always refers new business to us. No, it’s not my client, it’s me and my issues at play.

We all have issues we are working on refining in this life. We all have karma, which attracts these issues, and so we all play out the same things over and over. What things? They are energies out of flow that we are refining. In life it looks like the same problems that happen over and over. For example, I have a deep issue with responsibility and feeling responsible when I’m not. This is why, after the notorious morning phone call, I sat with my energy and how the situation made me feel. I flowed the experience and made a choice to not be angry at my client, but not take responsibility when the responsibility really wasn’t mine. The only reason I was able to make that choice is because I’d flowed the energy, getting some of the ‘stuck’ energy unstuck.

Re-Condense Your Reality

Flowing your energy is so amazing and so transformative that it can change the solidity of life. In other words, things that are set in stone can, will and often do change. They will simply evaporate and re-condense in a more appealing way. How do you work this magic? You flow your experience.

For me this meant that by the time I went and saw my client for our 11:00 meeting, his office mate had explained my role and had pointed out that he was holding me accountable for something we were never asked to do. So, I walked in, expressed myself and was met with a wave of apologies. It is important to me to keep happy clients, especially the ones who say yes to testimonials and refer us, so this was a small victory.

And now my karmatic energy is more in flow- no more need to freak out because all is well, as it is meant to be in the flow.

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