In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 1

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Demanding Creation: Does This Work Or Do You Get Pushed Back?

I recently saw a video interview of a woman who spoke well of the way we create or manifest things in our lives. She spoke of demanding, which required being free of judgment, conclusions and such.

This was great to hear because, while it needs some clarification, I don’t hear this often and it is true. Yes, we are meant to use the power of our word, as my old teacher don Miguel Ruiz used to say, in order to create in our lives. Our word, as such, is also synonymous in this case with our intentions. However, demanding will get you know where. Just look at a child (or an adult behaving like a child) demanding things– because no one likes for things to be demanded of them, demanding generally causes people not to give us what we want. Life is the same.

Actually, You Won’t Create Anything Alone

An advanced concept that we often speak of in classes is the fact that we need to shift our way of thinking from that of trying to make things to a more accurate perception of allowing things to come forward and to happen. The key difference being that when our egos are put aside, we come to recognize that we don’t create anything.


After years of research, a geneticist finally learns to create a human out of dirt. The researcher is so proud, wins many awards for the ground-breaking work and goes to God and says “Look! We can create life! We don’t need you any more!” God chuckles and responds, “Great! I’ll take my dirt back!”

No matter what you do, as you advance on your personal path, you come to realize that your thoughts, creativity, and anything needed to bring these to life never comes exclusively from you. Whether athletes call it ‘being in the zone”, writers call it ‘hearing’ the story and just recording it or the solution to a problem comes through a dream, generally speaking the people who have the most creativity, ideas or abilities find that they alone aren’t responsible. They recognize that they are the vessel through which their Source Energy or their Soul flows their creativity, solution or imagination , which they are fortunate to experience.

Commanding The Flow of Creation

Yes, there is a need to come from an aligned place in order to bring your word, or intention, into your experience. However, to do so, you must go beyond releasing attachments and judgments. You must be in your Golden Flow(TM).

When you are in your Golden Flow(TM) you are in a state of being which is connected to your Source Energy. This state is naturally allowing of life, of your connection and of yourself; most importantly, you are in a charge-free state as well. At this point, where you end and where your Source Energy begins is blurred and anything you ask, or command, comes forward quickly.


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