In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 2

August 27, 2020 | | Comments 0

Charge-Free Being

We recently gave a workshop in which participants came into their state of flow and connected with their Source Energy to work on increasing the flow of their own authenticity. One woman was doing very well the first half of the workshop. She was seeing her life from a different energetic perspective and was feeling the connection and love of her Source. Life, for her, was becoming a beautiful thing that she could handle and enjoy. In between the workshop there was a free day during which her interactions with others brought up her charges. Whether it was feeling that the world was being unfair with her, that she was being over charged at the hotel or being offended by what another said to her, she went from a state of flowing to being out of her flow and being all charged up.

Charges are our own energy out of flow. This occurs when something happens to us which we cannot or do not let go of. Instead, we keep the experience outside of us, feeling that people, feelings or experiences that we avoid, deny or reject will then be unable to affect or hurt us. We do the opposite when we instead try to bring something to us, grasping or pulling for attention, an experience or a feeling, misperceiving that not being in our now moment experience, but rather trying to bring another to us, will do so.

Charges are just a part of life. They are a part of the energies that we deal with in life and a part of what helps us understand the difference between being in the flow of life, where everything seems to run smoothly, and being out of the flow, in which things set us off.


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