In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 3 Directing

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Evolution Of Your Beliefs

People used to believe that to be authentic and especially to be spiritual, one had to be free off imperfections. Fortunately, this limiting belief is changing. We are more and more coming to recognize that being authentic, spiritual, evolved and even divine don’t mean we must be perfect. We are realizing that we must be whole and embrace all of ourselves.

How else can the now moment be lived in? Every minute of your life, you are the feelings, actions, thoughts and energies that you are. These won’t and can’t always be spiritual; the spiritual or wise thing to do with the sum of who you are is to allow it all.

Command It All

This is a great part of what distinguishes our ability to manifest or create life from our inability to. When we are in a place of alignment to our Source Energy and we are embracing it all, then we are in the flow of allowing. We can then tap into the flow of creativity, imagination or anything else that is expansive or unlimited.

Directing The Flow of Creation

In your Golden Flow(TM) you get to a place of this alignment, a place that is free of charges and then you can use the power of your word or intention in living and experiencing what you prefer.

While we cannot demand or request things of life, as these become energies that are not aligned to the creative energy of being and having what we want, we can direct the flow. To make this point simpler to understand, think of yourself driving a car. You can only direct the car by being aligned to how it works, which is being in the flow of your Source Energy when creating in your life. You can only buy a car, but you cannot make a car in the sense that the raw materials and physical mechanics are provided by life. Finally, you cannot demand or request that the car take you somewhere, rather you need to use your alignment to drive the car yourself. Keeping a charge-free state tends to help you make safe driving choices to avoid getting side tracked or cause an accident out of an anger charge, for example.

As contradictory as it sounds, you must therefore let your charges go in order to have what you want; you must go with the flow in order to direct it and you must be your Source (aligned to) letting go of what you desire in order to direct the flow of creativity and bring forth what you desire. As complicated as this can be, and is for each of us– otherwise life would be just as we wished it to– it can also be natural and simple, just like our breathing. It is just a matter of our being in our Golden Flow.


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