Isn’t It Un-Spiritual to Let My Child Watch TV?

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Is it ok for your child to watch television?

How Do You Know The Rules In Life?

I met with a friend yesterday and she told me she was relieved when she saw my Facebook update that read “Who said technology takes away our quality of life? It provides me peace and quiet”-

She hadn’t know whether it was okay to let her daughter watch TV or not and was glad that I, even as a channel or medium and biz/life coach, allow television.

Back In The Womb

Let me tell you a little story that will shift how you define or set the ‘rules’ in your life…

When I was pregnant, I deliberately didn’t read any books on pregnancy. While my friends were reading about ‘what to expect’, I was focused on having a good pregnancy. I knew that scientific research has shown that reduced stress, healthy eating and happy feelings lead to better development and health in vitro. I also knew that women have had babies with no manual, other than the advice of other women, since the beginning of time. This meant that it’s not about the ‘right’ way to raise a child. There is maternal instinct that kicks in and I knew that every mother and every child is unique. This means that general ‘rules’ don’t work for all because you’d need a new set for every new circumstance and every different person.

So, the ‘right’ way is different for you than it is for me. A book wasn’t going to be able to tell me what was right for me or my new baby. As a matter of fact, a couple years later potty-training was seamless for my daughter and we did it pretty quickly without bed-wetting. Behavior-wise, my daughter, who is now 8, is intelligent, and remarkable. She receives compliments from adults all of the time. Some people think that we ‘got lucky’ having such a great kid, but luck doesn’t put you in or out of the flow. You do.

Thus your ‘rules’ have to be what’s right for you. Determining this can be as simple as recognizing the why or the intent of things. When it comes to watching TV, the important thing to look at isn’t whether you judge TV or TV shows as good or bad because from a spiritual or universal laws-perspective, there is no such thing, which Shakespeare captured beautifully: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Watching TV can put you in your Golden Flow™ or take you out of it. A show can inspire you or even whisper the answer to a question you’ve held, as if it were a muse. It can also do the opposite.

If your child is watching TV for fun and, perhaps, even being exposed to new ideas (for example, my daughter watches cartoons and animal planet where she is discovering a world of animal breeds and all about them) then they will stop watching when they are done. Technology has the advantage of showing them a world that exists and can open their imagination further by exposing them to sights, ideas and experiences that they otherwise couldn’t have. They might learn about how things are made, like marbles, how puppies are born deaf and blind, and about different people and careers all of which can broaden their imagination and horizons.

On the other hand, if your child is watching TV all of the time and the TV serves as an escape or companionship, then a need is going unfulfilled. A child needs love and quality time. Although we, as parents, tend to be quite busy, we want to spend quality time with our children and be certain that the time with them is spent appreciating them as opposed to making them feel as though they should go unheard or unseen. If TV time makes you happy because your child is no longer a bother, there is a problem. However, similar to kids playing electronic games, the TV or the X-box aren’t the problem, it’s the fact that you are having challenges in life that are contributing to your feeling that your child is a bother. No parent wants to feel this way, so this is the issue that should be addressed.

Potty Training In a Weekend

A friend of mine read a book and tried potty-training her daughter in a weekend. She locked them both up in the kitchen and tried taking her to the bathroom every hour and rewarded any proper use of the toilet with a plethora of gifts and games. Honestly, it reminds me of Pavlov’s salivating dogs who were trained that food would follow the ringing of a bell, so they salivated when they heard the ring. Needless to say, my friend said the weekend was torture for them both and the training was a failure compared to mine. They had accidents and bed-wetting for a couple of years to follow.

Determining how to teach your baby to eat, be potty-trained or how much TV time and electronic game-time is allowed depends on what is in the flow for you and your child. Recognizing when TV time is in the flow and beneficial or out of the flow and detrimental can make or break your relationship with them and their experience with you as a parent.

Since you can’t always see what is in or out of the flow, you always want to look to the intent of the activity. You want your child to choose things in life that intend to benefit them, which puts them in the flow.

It’s important to also remember that what worked for you as a child growing up may not be in the flow and beneficial for your child. The ‘rules’ of life change all of the time, so re-examine what’s healthy or beneficial for them and also for you as a parent.

People who are pragmatic this way tend to be more in the flow of life and tend to have better experiences because they know how much of what and when to bring things together. They automatically create positive and loving environments in their homes, in their friendships or anywhere else.

Most importantly, children who are loved and whose parents make choices that keep them in a loving and healthy flow of life become wonderful, creative and successful people when they grow up. You always want what’s best for your children; a little time focusing on their flow and the intent of what they are doing now will echo goodness and well-being throughout their lives. Parents who take the time to look past whether TV or any other activity, is good or bad also set a wonderful example for their children by teaching them to see beyond surface appearances or snap judgments. And these are lessons that will mold love and depth in the lives of their children.

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