Kalyn’s Golden Flow Videos: Erase a Bad Day

May 02, 2020 | | Comments 0

Let’s get in the flow!

Something happens that you don’t like or prefer.

Law of Attraction (LOA) says that you will now have more of that – so most people try not to think about it.

Have you ever tried to not think about the pink elephant in the room? It takes a lot of not: not thinking, not feeling and not letting your unconscious mind go there. That’s a lot of “not” that LOA then responds to.

Instead, welcome it! Get in the flow with your experience because then you can be free of it! When we flow, we embrace it all because a wiser aspect of ourselves then takes the old energy away. Then it is gone from us – completely!

Join me in this video where I talk to you about my bad day and tell explain the importance of flowing instead of trying to pretend it didn’t happen! Watch to get yourself tuned in and into a better flow!

Love, Light & Intent,

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