Manifesting: The Language of Your Source Energy

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kalyn St ThomasYou can’t help it, there’s something you want. You look at work, your home, your family (or lack of) and you wish for it to be different even when you don’t have the conscious thought.


Several Game Players Manifesting

Because there are several game-players when it comes to manifesting your life. There is your Source Energy, who manifests 80% of what you experience (don’t believe me? Then ask yourself how it is that your biggest fears and monsters under the bed haven’t all manifested – call it the grace of God, but you are not the main creator, thankfully!) Your Source Energy also has the gift of manifesting things bigger and better than you could imagine! Have you ever noticed that when you get what you really wanted, it can often be better than your wildest dreams?

Next there is you subconscious. You better get on good terms with him or her because this part of you is constantly focusing on something and activating that energy often enough to bring it forth into manifestation. Now think if, instead, your subconscious were on your page and activating the energies you preferred all of the time? You’d fall into alignment far sooner!

Yes, Experience, But Definitely Expand

Your Source Energy is here in life to expand. In other parts of creation (because you can’t really believe that there is an unlimited creator and then think he or she only created one life system called Earth, right? A creator creates more than one thing, more than one system) creation is experienced.

How does your Source Energy expand? By having you live life and take on new energies. Similar to eating new dishes, it gives You (you and your Source) a variety of experience which make up who you are and shift who you next want to become.

De-sire: The Language of God

How does your Source get you to expand? By giving you desires. Tony Robbins (and others) have said that desires, or des-sire, are ‘of-God’. In Latin des means of or belonging to and sire means Sir. Your desires, thus are from God, from the source of your being. Thus, connecting with those desires and manifesting what’s in your heart will bring you closer to your God. Of course, being closer to your God is more fulfilling and brings more joy to your life.

As the The Oracle always puts it, ‘you are a piece of your Source Energy and you are here to be loved by your Source’. They say that this is your purpose. You feel loved in life when things are going well, when you are in your flow (your Source’s Golden Flow™) and when you are being who you want to be and experiencing what you want to experience. In other words, you feel loved and you love life when you honor your desires and allow them to manifest in your life.

So, your desires are the language of your Source. It is a clear language that leaves no room for misinterpretation: you always know what you want or how you would like to improve things.

You are meant to experience your desires. Paramahansa Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi said that his guru told him that he was meant to have it all (all he wanted to manifest). This was the way to have him be fulfilled, whole and to be able to leave life having expanded his soul, or Source.

You are, of course, the same. Getting in the flow means you are allowing the energy of what you want to manifest to flow through you so that, like Parmahansa, you can experience what the universe means for you to experience – everything your heart desires.

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