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In Manifesting, Timing Is Everything

Its Like Waiting For A Subway Train

I sit on the bench in the underground subway station. Some of my thoughts are focused on the now- when is the next subway and which line to take. I look all around at other subway trains going by, the people, posters and the floor. Most of my focus though is on where I’m going, what I’ll be doing and what it will be like when I get to where I’m going.  I don’t get desperate nor do I grasp as to when my train is coming because I know that will likely make it take longer to come; I also don’t fall asleep, causing the train to pass me by the minute I’m out.

Ahh. Here’s my train. Now I get on and everything starts to change rapidly. The train’s movement causes nothing but motion inside and blurry landscapes outside, but I don’t mind because I’m on my way to a new place with all new experiences.

Waiting for and riding the train is like waiting for any change in life.

“Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates” Or Waiting For A Train

As you get further and further into your personal and spiritual growth, you find that you are meant to be the best version of yourself, which is the version of you in your desires, hopes or wishes. You also find that manifesting you and your desires is all about working with the laws that govern life, such as the laws of physics, and that ultimately, life is ‘like a box of chocolates’ (quote from the movie Forrest Gump) as well as being just like going on a subway.

Manifesting Lessons Of Chocolates & Trains

You may know what chocolate you’d like to eat or where you want to go, but as you reach into the box or see a train coming, it’s not always your chocolate or your train. If you can’t wait, a different train will take you somewhere else. If you fall asleep while waiting, it’s likely the train will pass you by. Timing is everything whether you’re riding the subway or manifesting.

You know when your train has come. At that point you get on the train as if it were no big deal, it’s just what people always do. Then you ride the train. Take the right actions at the right time and wait patiently, knowing that your train will come and that it will come sooner if you aren’t too impatient or too lackadaisical.

Ultimately, life ebbs and flows, just like the ocean and our job is to just enjoy and ride the wave.

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