T’was Two Nights Before

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T’was Two Nights Before

Yes, of course we’re sad about our dog, Lucy, who will go to the vet to be put down. It’s a bit tough because this is also the second dog in two years. Don’t go thinking this is common for us – these are the only two times in my life I’ve put an animal down…

You might think that life sucks and that this must be a terrible realization for us just days before Christmas. Sad, yes.

You might also think that Lucy, who is still walking around, eating… should not be put down. Several friend let their animals go until they couldn’t move themselves or until they had a natural death. Another friend said she thinks it’s too early for Lucy – she still has time. True.

What do you believe? Think we should not put her down yet? She can still walk and eat (though she’s lagging and not eating like she used to).

Watch the video and, perhaps, change your mind and remove some judgement.

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Say Goodbye to 2013!

floating flowersThe end of a year marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a bigger and better version of you!

How do you tap into this version of you?

Let the Past Flow, Let it Go
In 1 -2 – 3 Steps

To make things simple for yourself, spend five minutes or an hour focusing one aspect of yourself you’d like to say goodbye to.

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Treat Yourself The Way That You Want Law Of Attraction To Have Others To Treat You

Have you ever found that the golden rule doesn’t work for you? This is because Law of Attraction is reflecting your energy. When you are being good to others, it doesn’t mean that you are treating yourself well. Law of Attraction then sees how you feel and the energy you have towards yourself and it uses this to then attract your experience.

A deeper “rule” therefore is “Treat yourself the way you would have others treat you”

Join me in this video and I’ll explain how treating yourself well has Law of Attraction bring you higher-vibrating experiences.

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Kalyn’s Golden Flow Videos

What is the Golden Flow & how do you get your life in the flow?

Join me in this video in which I talk to you about getting in the flow:

Don’t try to avoid life or avoid negative things! Instead, in this quick video, flow a little with me. I’ll go over the 3 easy steps which you can do anytime, anyplace. Let your ‘negative’ or unwanted energies flow, being recycled! Yes, the energy that you don’t prefer flows in the process and you then tap into new, higher-vibrating energies!

In this video I will also talk to you about energies you prefer; yes, you will want to flow these too! Watch the video and I’ll tell you how flowing the wonderful things in your life will make your life even better!

Love, Light & Intent,


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Kalyn’s Golden Flow Videos: Erase a Bad Day

Let’s get in the flow!

Something happens that you don’t like or prefer.

Law of Attraction (LOA) says that you will now have more of that – so most people try not to think about it.

Have you ever tried to not think about the pink elephant in the room? It takes a lot of not: not thinking, not feeling and not letting your unconscious mind go there. That’s a lot of “not” that LOA then responds to.

Instead, welcome it! Get in the flow with your experience because then you can be free of it! When we flow, we embrace it all because a wiser aspect of ourselves then takes the old energy away. Then it is gone from us – completely!

Join me in this video where I talk to you about my bad day and tell explain the importance of flowing instead of trying to pretend it didn’t happen! Watch to get yourself tuned in and into a better flow!

Love, Light & Intent,

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Allow Your Life to Be – Day 5

The most common charge that keeps you from Allowing.

Let go and let it flow. As you know, attachments hold you back and down. They are an emotional charge that is binding you to whatever it is that you are attached to. When people say that you need to release your attachments they don’t mean that you shouldn’t care about anything any more, but rather that you should let go of the charges that have you grasping and pulling at life for what you desire. At this point, of course, you aren’t allowing, but rather are trying, even if only energetically. Focus on allowing your attachments to flow and you will find yourself feeling freer, lighter and in a greater state of allowing.

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Use Law of Attraction to Help You Have a Better Parenting Experience

What is Law of Attraction bringing you relative to your parenting?

Is your parenting experience a great one? Do you enjoy your child or do you have melt down in public?
In this video I talk to you about being a “let’s have a great time” kind of parent so that Law of Attraction responds to this energy in you versus having Law of Attraction respond to the build up of issues until there’s an explosion.
Get in the flow of being a great parent so that Law of Attraction brings you great parenting experiences. In the flow, problems will flow off your back and you’ll enjoy your child, as you authentically are meant to.

I’ve been on my spiritual path since I was in my 20’s;
I’m a channel, author; I teach spirituality classes, lead retreats and have 3 businesses including a Marketing Agency and a real-estate portfolio.
I love helping people experience their authentic abundance and am an expert at helping them get into the flow so that they love what law of attraction brings their life.

Learn more about the Golden Flow™ System at
You can also check out my books on Amazon, such as The Three Laws of Manifesting…
Or watch a Zazoo video, an amazing, witty and wise being that I channel at
— If you feel attracted, be sure to subscribe to my videos and, as your Abundance Coach, I’ll get you in the flow of whatever you want Law of Attraction to bring you!

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The Missing Piece to Getting Law of Attraction to Effortlessly Work for You

I know! Your positive thoughts and feelings aren’t working! Why isn’t law of attraction working for you?

Hi! I’m Kalyn, your Abundance Coach – in this video I’m going to have understand the missing piece to get law of attraction to work for you.

I’ll also talk you through a few examples about why thoughts and feelings alone don’t cause law of attraction to work for you and an example using Sheldon in Big Bang Theory to show why this missing piece can help you effortlessly use law of attraction to your advantage.

Is it possible that you can relax, let go and benefit others AS you have law of attraction improve your life? Yes! Actually, it’s the only way. The law of attraction is just waiting to bring you everything you want – so watch the video to understand what you are missing. You’ll find it’s a relief to relax instead of trying to please law of attraction to bring what you desire.
— If you feel attracted, be sure to subscribe to my videos and, as your Abundance Coach, I’ll get you in the flow of whatever you want Law of Attraction to bring you!

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A Spoon Full of Sugar

sugar spoonThe Old Was No Fun

I recently saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks and, as she is presented, the author of Mary Poppins was so rigid and ‘proper’ you could say she didn’t have room to breathe. Well, she certainly didn’t have fun or enjoyment in life.

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Allow Your Life to Be – Day 3

Remove your own ideas, beliefs and blocks in order to increase your Allowing today.

Have you ever had a friend tell you to just “get over yourself”? If you recognize that it is because you are your greatest block and that your friend is helping you realize that the only problem-causer is you, then you can get an understanding that you tend to be the one imposing limitations or restrictions upon life or what you desire. These restrictions also restrict what you would like to allow to happen, come forward or change in your life. Today look at your own ideas and beliefs about what you would like to allow. Can you remove limitations and restrictions?

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