Living in the Flow – Youth and Change

Living in the flowIf you’ve been following our emails for a little while then you know we made a huge move from New Mexico to Florida 6 months ago. Moving half way across the country has changed everything for us from the types of food and restaurants available to us to changes in the people around us and how things work.

The change has also been significant to our daughter, who has reminded me of what it means to live in the flow:

Our daughter is 8 years old and grew up in Santa Fe. When she was 4 months old we met her best friend, so her life in Santa Fe was well-established. She knew the terrain there, from friends to neighbors, the babysitter… and then all of this was lost to her. In our new home she had no friends, no front yard to play in and no neighbors to visit.

Chances are you and I would complain if everything we knew and related to was gone so that all we could do was play with our toys. My daughter, however, never once complained or said she was bored. Every now and then she said she missed a friend, but she never harped, blamed us for moving or moped about it.

They often say that children are “resilient” to describe a situation like this, and that they are adaptable. True enough, but it’s important to distinguish between our ability to be in the flow of life versus just being adaptable. Our bodies adjusted to the changed from the arid desert air to the humidity of the tropics, but my daughter did more than this. She always looked around for what would make her happy and would engage or entertain her in the moment. Without complaining to us or to life, she seized opportunities to make any new friend or to start to ride a scooter and catch frogs. So, her first friends were lizards and frogs. That may not have been her first choice, but in the flow she never focused on ‘how things should be’, on replacing what she’d had nor did she try dictating how life should improve for her.

Unfortunately, in society we tend to believe that things should be fair and that people, the government and life should treat us well, be the way we want them to be. However, that is more about changing the flow than it is about being in the flow.

As my daughter has illustrated for me, there is no use crying over spilled milk. When you focus on life and everything life is bringing you in the moment, you tap into the wonder and the abundance in life. Focus on what is here for you now, leaving behind any ideas that don’t fit into what you are experiencing in the now. Then you too will discover new gifts and new experiences that life is bringing you every now moment, when you are in the flow.

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The Power Beyond The Secret and The Law of Attraction

The Golden Flow, The Secret, The Law of Attraction

Turbocharge The Law of Attraction in Your LIfe!

To the degree you are in the state of well being, you are in the flow of life and you activate the Law of Attraction.

The closer you are to a state of well being, the quicker you will attract that which you desire, be it love, wealth, health, a new home, a rewarding career, spiritual connection, and so on. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. This IS the missing piece in The Secret.

Why is this so? And, more importantly, how do you raise your level of being to that of ‘well being’ in order to empower and speed up your manifestation process?

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In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 2

Charge-Free Being

We recently gave a workshop in which participants came into their state of flow and connected with their Source Energy to work on increasing the flow of their own authenticity. One woman was doing very well the first half of the workshop. She was seeing her life from a different energetic perspective and was feeling the connection and love of her Source. Life, for her, was becoming a beautiful thing that she could handle and enjoy. In between the workshop there was a free day during which her interactions with others brought up her charges. Whether it was feeling that the world was being unfair with her, that she was being over charged at the hotel or being offended by what another said to her, she went from a state of flowing to being out of her flow and being all charged up.

Charges are our own energy out of flow. This occurs when something happens to us which we cannot or do not let go of. Instead, we keep the experience outside of us, feeling that people, feelings or experiences that we avoid, deny or reject will then be unable to affect or hurt us. We do the opposite when we instead try to bring something to us, grasping or pulling for attention, an experience or a feeling, misperceiving that not being in our now moment experience, but rather trying to bring another to us, will do so.

Charges are just a part of life. They are a part of the energies that we deal with in life and a part of what helps us understand the difference between being in the flow of life, where everything seems to run smoothly, and being out of the flow, in which things set us off.


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Allowing Your Glory and Greatness to Be

The Golden FlowYou are a multidimensional being. Most people are aware of their persona, which consists of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and their physical body. However, there is another aspect of Who you are, an aspect that contains your greatness and glory. This aspect has many different names such as Source Energy, Higher Self, Core Being, and so on. What you call it is not important. What is important is that you come to know that your Source Energy exists in a natural state of Abundance, Health and Love. Your Source Energy is much larger than the persona and more powerful. However, the persona has the free will to choose whether to allow the energy of the Source that you are to flow through you or not. The key to tap into the beautiful golden energy of your Source is allowance.

It is good to ponder the word allow. Where do you allow in your life? Where do you not allow? Do you have beliefs that are not tolerant of new ideas? Do you allow the people you encounter in your life to be who they are? Perhaps most importantly, do you allow the greatness and glory that you are to flow through you and into your life? This is a time in humanity where people are empowered to plant the seeds of their greatness. The biggest factor that stops or limits your greatness is not allowing. You must allow your greatness to be.

One of the biggest misperceptions the human persona has is that it must make and create its life on its own. It doesn’t. You are a co-creator. The bigger You that you are, has great power in helping you manifest what you desire. In its natural flow, your Source Energy is always creating. However, the personality has the free will to block the creation. If the persona were to simply allow your greatness to be, all of your deepest hopes, dreams and desires would be manifest now, and you would be ready for the next leap in the expansion of Self.

To be in the flow of the bigger You, you must be in a state of complete allowance. It is the holding onto the illusion of control that stops the flow. The truth is you can’t control your life. Life is much larger than the persona. But, you can allow the bigger, more powerful part of you to work with you and through you to support you and create a wondrous life. So many people try to control their lives. They have long lost the trust in their Source. They have lost the trust that their Source works through life to support them. If they were only to allow the power of their Source Energy to flow through them, they would realize that there is no need to try to control. Source is always ready to work with you to manifest your deepest desires. Nevertheless, it will not override the persona’s free will. When you choose to allow your Source Energy to flow through your life, your life can’t help but to reflect back to you good things.

Be aware of the degree you allow in all areas of your life. As you are able to relax and allow, more well-being will flow into your life and will be reflected in your outer world. Health, abundance and love, which are things you don’t need to create, you simply need to allow them to be, will flow in and through you. The bigger You that you are is already in a natural state of love, health and abundance. All you, the persona needs to do is to allow Source Energy to flow through you and you will realize your greatness and glory in every aspect of your life. We call this flow the Golden Flow.


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In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 3 Directing

Evolution Of Your Beliefs

People used to believe that to be authentic and especially to be spiritual, one had to be free off imperfections. Fortunately, this limiting belief is changing. We are more and more coming to recognize that being authentic, spiritual, evolved and even divine don’t mean we must be perfect. We are realizing that we must be whole and embrace all of ourselves.

How else can the now moment be lived in? Every minute of your life, you are the feelings, actions, thoughts and energies that you are. These won’t and can’t always be spiritual; the spiritual or wise thing to do with the sum of who you are is to allow it all.

Command It All

This is a great part of what distinguishes our ability to manifest or create life from our inability to. When we are in a place of alignment to our Source Energy and we are embracing it all, then we are in the flow of allowing. We can then tap into the flow of creativity, imagination or anything else that is expansive or unlimited.

Directing The Flow of Creation

In your Golden Flow(TM) you get to a place of this alignment, a place that is free of charges and then you can use the power of your word or intention in living and experiencing what you prefer.

While we cannot demand or request things of life, as these become energies that are not aligned to the creative energy of being and having what we want, we can direct the flow. To make this point simpler to understand, think of yourself driving a car. You can only direct the car by being aligned to how it works, which is being in the flow of your Source Energy when creating in your life. You can only buy a car, but you cannot make a car in the sense that the raw materials and physical mechanics are provided by life. Finally, you cannot demand or request that the car take you somewhere, rather you need to use your alignment to drive the car yourself. Keeping a charge-free state tends to help you make safe driving choices to avoid getting side tracked or cause an accident out of an anger charge, for example.

As contradictory as it sounds, you must therefore let your charges go in order to have what you want; you must go with the flow in order to direct it and you must be your Source (aligned to) letting go of what you desire in order to direct the flow of creativity and bring forth what you desire. As complicated as this can be, and is for each of us– otherwise life would be just as we wished it to– it can also be natural and simple, just like our breathing. It is just a matter of our being in our Golden Flow.


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Allow Your Life to Be – Day 1

Perhaps you have heard that you can allow your life to be, but that most people don’t allow. How is it that you don’t allow? This week we’ll look at allowing and how simple and effortless it can be to allow your life to be what you prefer.

Today begin by looking at how you feel about allowing in your life. Do you feel you allow? Are you emotionally charged about allowing, maybe angry that it doesn’t seem to work for you? Are you willing to begin to allow or increase the allowing in your life?

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In The Flow: Unbending Intent – Part 1

Demanding Creation: Does This Work Or Do You Get Pushed Back?

I recently saw a video interview of a woman who spoke well of the way we create or manifest things in our lives. She spoke of demanding, which required being free of judgment, conclusions and such.

This was great to hear because, while it needs some clarification, I don’t hear this often and it is true. Yes, we are meant to use the power of our word, as my old teacher don Miguel Ruiz used to say, in order to create in our lives. Our word, as such, is also synonymous in this case with our intentions. However, demanding will get you know where. Just look at a child (or an adult behaving like a child) demanding things– because no one likes for things to be demanded of them, demanding generally causes people not to give us what we want. Life is the same.

Actually, You Won’t Create Anything Alone

An advanced concept that we often speak of in classes is the fact that we need to shift our way of thinking from that of trying to make things to a more accurate perception of allowing things to come forward and to happen. The key difference being that when our egos are put aside, we come to recognize that we don’t create anything.


After years of research, a geneticist finally learns to create a human out of dirt. The researcher is so proud, wins many awards for the ground-breaking work and goes to God and says “Look! We can create life! We don’t need you any more!” God chuckles and responds, “Great! I’ll take my dirt back!”

No matter what you do, as you advance on your personal path, you come to realize that your thoughts, creativity, and anything needed to bring these to life never comes exclusively from you. Whether athletes call it ‘being in the zone”, writers call it ‘hearing’ the story and just recording it or the solution to a problem comes through a dream, generally speaking the people who have the most creativity, ideas or abilities find that they alone aren’t responsible. They recognize that they are the vessel through which their Source Energy or their Soul flows their creativity, solution or imagination , which they are fortunate to experience.

Commanding The Flow of Creation

Yes, there is a need to come from an aligned place in order to bring your word, or intention, into your experience. However, to do so, you must go beyond releasing attachments and judgments. You must be in your Golden Flow(TM).

When you are in your Golden Flow(TM) you are in a state of being which is connected to your Source Energy. This state is naturally allowing of life, of your connection and of yourself; most importantly, you are in a charge-free state as well. At this point, where you end and where your Source Energy begins is blurred and anything you ask, or command, comes forward quickly.


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Introduction to Soul Keeping

What is a Soul Keeper(TM) and how is it different that just parenting? A Soul Keeper(TM) is a conscious parent who recognizes that a baby has a bright, authentic and wonderful soul. Thus, a Soul Keeper(TM) helps their baby retain that sparkle and the connection to their own authenticity and their soul.

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Feeding the Critters

feeding the crittersReally? You’re Going To Chastise Me?

Are You Genuine or Judgmental?

So, here I am in paradise. Karl and I love traveling down to the Mayan Caribbean in Mexico for the weather, the aquamarine ocean and the amazing energy that uplifts our lives with every visit. This is a Caribbean by the jungle and one of the little things I most delight in is feeding the wildlife. Shame on me, right? My daughter loves it too.

Yes, I’m guilty of ignoring the ‘do not feed the animals’ or the fish by the ocean signs. Yes, I know that the animals are supposed to naturally find their own food and that when they get too close, someone will get bitten or scratched, complain and the hotel will have to do away with the problem…

Yes, I think we all know this. And still, there I go. 

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An Introduction to The Golden Flow of Allowing

A Most Powerful Series of Techniques for Personal Growth

This is a the introduction to the free audio for the Golden Flow System . The Golden Flow System is a powerful system, which gives peace, well-being, and spiritual connection with little effort in a short amount of time.

Additionally, when in the state of well-being and positive energy, you fall naturally into The Law of Attraction, empowering your manifestation abilities to new heights.

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