Playing God or Seeing Clearly?

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lucy WEBIt was hard to see through the flood of tears, but now I realized that our elderly Chi (Chihuahua), Lucy, looked at peace for the first time in I couldn’t remember how long. We had adopted her three and a half years ago and, as with most pet shelter adoptions, we didn’t know anything about her history. The first vet visit, covered by the shelter, led to the extraction of six of her rotting teeth. That could have been a sign that she was well beyond her spring chicken years.

The sad thing is that she always had health issues. She was going blind, as some Chis get dry eye syndrome the doggie-eye specialist said, and lagged behind on walks.

It was a couple of days before Christmas. We have another elderly dog and were aware that their time was limited, but we both thought Lucy would go after Charlie, our Shih-tzu. So we were downtrodden to realize that Lucy could make it through Christmas and would then need to be put down.

How do you feel about putting a dog down who is still walking around, but was in severe pain?

Well, several of our friends have waited until their animals couldn’t get up on their own or until they naturally died. A friend who often had Lucy come to her house didn’t think it was time; she tried to be tactful, but clearly was upset that, as the owners, we were choosing this.

The belief that death is something bad or the judgments that, we are ‘playing God’ as my friend put it, puts us out of the flow every time. When we are out of the flow, we tend to stop making sound, wise and beneficial decisions. That kind of judging made it so that my friend, who was naturally attached to our dog, didn’t see the pain that our dog was in and was projecting the idea that Lucy was still had quality of life.

In the flow, we were making the best choice we knew to make for Lucy’s well-being.

And sure enough, Lucy was peacefully, happy and relaxed once the tranquilizer kicked in. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d ever seen her relaxed until now. Perhaps she had been in pain the entire time she had been a part of our family.

We knew that if the time weren’t right, the vet would tell us so. Instead, he said that it wasn’t one leg that was injured, but rather both her hind legs and that her teeth were getting loose. He said she was in great pain. The time was right.

There is a difference between a heavy heart which comes from losing a part of your family, even when it’s a canine member, and the weight of judgments or beliefs. Yes, the weight of them. No doubt you’ve had ‘a weight taken off your shoulders” when a burden is gone? Well, you sense that weight because the energy out of flow becomes stagnant and dense.

A sure fire sign that you are out of the flow is being bothered by a situation. Even the sadness and the heavy-hearted feelings of our loss can be flowed, but certainly the beliefs or judgments around ending a life can be brought back into your Golden Flow™.

In your Golden Flow™ you automatically think more like your Source Energy or your God would. You automatically allow yourself to do what is best in a situation because you see things and can make clear choices.

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