Say Goodbye to 2013!

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floating flowersThe end of a year marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a bigger and better version of you!

How do you tap into this version of you?

Let the Past Flow, Let it Go
In 1 -2 – 3 Steps

To make things simple for yourself, spend five minutes or an hour focusing one aspect of yourself you’d like to say goodbye to.

1 Identify The Old You
Focus and identify the aspect you’d like to release. For example, I’d like to have the part of me that derives joy from eating cookies and other comfort foods stay in the past with 2013.

2 To Be in The Flow, Let it Go
Now let it flow. To flow any issue, problem, anger, hurt – any emotion, thought or experience, we flow it so that our energy doesn’t become or stay stagnant. Especially the things we don’t like and don’t prefer, we can flow so that the experience doesn’t stay with us, haunting us even.

To flow, welcome the experience along with any response it elicits in you. In my example, I might feel the longing for the comfort food or a desire for it.

3 In The Flow, You Shift
Then completely take your focus off this. This is one advantage that we, as humans, have. We can use our mental, thinking ability to shift our focus.

You can enhance this with your breath.  On your exhale breath, release. Your exhale breath releases toxins in the carbon dioxide you exhale. Intend for your breath to also release the aspect of you, having it too be exhaled.

Yes, you can do this a few times for five minutes or do it for as long as you like. You’ll feel different when you’ve let something flow. You will find yourself enjoying the process, feeling lighter and, as it is with so many, you will likely feel more excited about everything!

Hold your hat! Flowing your energy means attracting new, higher-vibrating things into your life!

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  1. Love this three step easy process. It has some under pinnings of the Sedona Method. Do you know of it? Thanks for this!

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