The Golden Flow of the Now Moment

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The Magic of Living In The Now

“To be in the now moment means that you release all of the problems, all of the worries, and you bring the full of yourself to here and now.  And within that now moment, your now moment allows your source to flow through you into your life.” The Oracle

In The FlowThe now moment is infinitely small, yet infinitely big. In its smallness, it contains nothing. Yet, the moment of the now contains everything. Because the now moment contains nothing, to be in the now, you must let everything go and empty.

For a moment, empty yourself of everything. Let everything go. Let your problems go. Let your to do lists go. Let your preoccupations go. Let your thoughts and feelings go. As you empty you enter the Golden Flow. The Flow moves from the Source that you are, into your persona, through your body and into your life. This Flow contains a beautiful dream where all your deepest hopes and desires are manifest. The only thing missing from this dream is you. When you are in the Golden Flow of the now moment you are able to step into the dream and it becomes manifest in your life. This is one of the ‘secrets’ of The Law of Attraction.  To the degree you align to the bigger dream of your life, it becomes real.

When you are having mental machinations, worries, or charged emotions, your energy is pulled away from the Source that you are. You are off center. Your center exists in the now. It is from the place of being on center that spiritual growth and evolution occurs.  The center of a river is where the current flows strongest. It is the center of self where Source energy flows most powerfully.

Take the time to find your now moments. Tell your mind to let it all go, even if only for a few minutes. Tell your mind it can come back to its concerns later, but for now, empty. Do this often. As you do the tremendous power of Source’s flow begins to move through you. Then, hang onto your hat as your life moves in wonderful ways.


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  1. Jim Gaudet says:

    Great information! I think too many people focus on the past and/or the future and forget that they are alive at this moment.

  2. Laura Combs says:

    You help me every day. Thank you!

  3. Michelle says:

    I think this is where meditation and yoga becomes great tools to achieve that state of being in the now.

  4. Venkatachalam says:

    yes, it strikes me. It is missing in my life. Thanks kris let me practice often. I feel this practising often will connect us with flow fluently and with ease.

  5. This is exactly how I use journaling and meditation. Combined they help me get into the “golden flow” that you talk about. I use journaling to really help me discover who I am, what I want, where I’m going. Journaling helps me weed out the negative and the distractions in my life. Once I’m more focused and centered I begin meditation to get me into the flow.
    Great post, thanks for sharing.

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