The Missing Piece to Getting Law of Attraction to Effortlessly Work for You

April 30, 2020 | | Comments 0

I know! Your positive thoughts and feelings aren’t working! Why isn’t law of attraction working for you?

Hi! I’m Kalyn, your Abundance Coach – in this video I’m going to have understand the missing piece to get law of attraction to work for you.

I’ll also talk you through a few examples about why thoughts and feelings alone don’t cause law of attraction to work for you and an example using Sheldon in Big Bang Theory to show why this missing piece can help you effortlessly use law of attraction to your advantage.

Is it possible that you can relax, let go and benefit others AS you have law of attraction improve your life? Yes! Actually, it’s the only way. The law of attraction is just waiting to bring you everything you want – so watch the video to understand what you are missing. You’ll find it’s a relief to relax instead of trying to please law of attraction to bring what you desire.
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