T’was Two Nights Before

September 03, 2020 | | Comments 0

Life Doesn’t Suck Series

T’was Two Nights Before

Yes, of course we’re sad about our dog, Lucy, who will go to the vet to be put down. It’s a bit tough because this is also the second dog in two years. Don’t go thinking this is common for us – these are the only two times in my life I’ve put an animal down…

You might think that life sucks and that this must be a terrible realization for us just days before Christmas. Sad, yes.

You might also think that Lucy, who is still walking around, eating… should not be put down. Several friend let their animals go until they couldn’t move themselves or until they had a natural death. Another friend said she thinks it’s too early for Lucy – she still has time. True.

What do you believe? Think we should not put her down yet? She can still walk and eat (though she’s lagging and not eating like she used to).

Watch the video and, perhaps, change your mind and remove some judgement.

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