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Living in the flowIf you’ve been following our emails for a little while then you know we made a huge move from New Mexico to Florida 6 months ago. Moving half way across the country has changed everything for us from the types of food and restaurants available to us to changes in the people around us and how things work.

The change has also been significant to our daughter, who has reminded me of what it means to live in the flow:

Our daughter is 8 years old and grew up in Santa Fe. When she was 4 months old we met her best friend, so her life in Santa Fe was well-established. She knew the terrain there, from friends to neighbors, the babysitter… and then all of this was lost to her. In our new home she had no friends, no front yard to play in and no neighbors to visit.

Chances are you and I would complain if everything we knew and related to was gone so that all we could do was play with our toys. My daughter, however, never once complained or said she was bored. Every now and then she said she missed a friend, but she never harped, blamed us for moving or moped about it.

They often say that children are “resilient” to describe a situation like this, and that they are adaptable. True enough, but it’s important to distinguish between our ability to be in the flow of life versus just being adaptable. Our bodies adjusted to the changed from the arid desert air to the humidity of the tropics, but my daughter did more than this. She always looked around for what would make her happy and would engage or entertain her in the moment. Without complaining to us or to life, she seized opportunities to make any new friend or to start to ride a scooter and catch frogs. So, her first friends were lizards and frogs. That may not have been her first choice, but in the flow she never focused on ‘how things should be’, on replacing what she’d had nor did she try dictating how life should improve for her.

Unfortunately, in society we tend to believe that things should be fair and that people, the government and life should treat us well, be the way we want them to be. However, that is more about changing the flow than it is about being in the flow.

As my daughter has illustrated for me, there is no use crying over spilled milk. When you focus on life and everything life is bringing you in the moment, you tap into the wonder and the abundance in life. Focus on what is here for you now, leaving behind any ideas that don’t fit into what you are experiencing in the now. Then you too will discover new gifts and new experiences that life is bringing you every now moment, when you are in the flow.

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