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A coach is someone who is meant to enable your ability to get into the flow of your well-being.

We, Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael,  are very proud to introduce our the first class of Certified Golden FlowTM Coaches.

We have carefully guided and trained these coaches to be in the flow of coaching, offering clients their undivided attention and energy. They have been through at least 3 workshops to learn about the Golden FlowTM System and have applied it to their own lives. Additionally, they have fulfilled the requirement to qualify them as an expert in coaching using the Golden FlowTM System. This powerful group of coaches can help you change your life and get you into your flow of well-being.

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Meet our Golden Flow Certified Coaches!
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Mary Martens

Mary is a trained Golden FlowTM Coach who has studied with K2 for several years.  She is proficient in coaching through any life challenges however an area of personal interest is grieving parents.

She experienced the loss of her teenaged son to cancer and through use of Golden Flow has completed the grieving process to move forward to living fully and happily in the Flow.  The transformation from deepest grief to poignant love has been a journey towards fulfillment.

The loss of a child is deeply painful but it is important to move beyond the initial grieving to living fully again. It is a great testament to hold your memories with love and gratitude for the privilege of knowing and being a parent to your child.  Mary is grateful to have received help and guidance through this process and is dedicated to offering the same support to her clients.

howard Howard Bell

Howard Bell has worked with Kris and Kalyn for several years.

During this time he has worked on releasing the heavy belief systems and dis-empowerment he was conditioned with since childhood.

In his work he has found a special affinity and self-empowerment through working with the universal laws that surround the masculine assertive flow.  He practices “Flowing” daily to release emotional blocks and to bring through higher vibrating energies, which are in alignment to fulfillment and abundance.

He is now offering coaching to men who want to realize their desires for more personal power, abundance, and success using the Golden FlowTM System.

Brian Sincerbeaux
Simon Townsen
Karen Weese

Karen Weese is a medical doctor who loves the Golden FlowTM with a passion! Currently she is using the Golden Flow as a tool to help others with stress management & relaxation.



Kalyn B Raphael
Golden Flow™ Master Coach
Maven Method™ Coaching Certification 

Kalyn has been a Spiritual Life Coach for nearly 10 years, helping clients and spiritual students connect with their Source’s Golden FlowTM and to help them bring their dreams forward.

Kalyn specializes in coaching coaches, in the manifesting process and in helping spiritual seekers connect with their life purpose and their Source Energy. To learn more about Kalyn or to learn about working with her, please inquire below or click here.





Kris & Kalyn Raphael, Founders

These coaches are benefiting from our nearly 20 years of combined spiritual & coaching experience as we have worked one-on-one with each person, training them with the most powerful techniques that we know help clients or spiritual seekers.

To learn more about working with any of us, please send a request.

To become a Golden FlowTM Certified Coach or to learn about our program, please fill out the contact form below.

Wishing you well-being in your Source Flow,


Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael

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