Kalyn Coach Maven

Kalyn Coach Maven

Golden Flow™ Master Coach, Author & Co-founder of The Golden Flow

Kalyn BastionAbout Kalyn
Kalyn dedicated a great deal of her time in her twenties to her personal & spiritual growth path. Her accelerated path helped her shift her karmatic energies that manifested in many ways, the most drastic being the manifestation of a chronic fatigue. The illness, which was dismissed by medical doctors, was debilitating to her, stealing her energy, her personal power and her ability to put energy into her own life.

Through her healing and energy-raising work, Kalyn left the illness behind long ago. Using universal laws and spiritual teachings, she has transformed her life from a disempowered life of perpetual illness to a magical life as a coach, a mother, a wife and the co-founder of the Golden Flow System™, a system of accelerated well-being & enlightenment .


Kalyn is an accomplished Spiritual Life Coach who draws upon her own wisdom in helping others. She helps clients and coaches alike, knowing what personal success is made of, including relationship, self-expression as a Canyon Road Artist, business and parenthood. Kalyn’s strength as a coach lies in her clarity and knowingness. As a channel, she intuitively knows energy and can identify what is needed to bring a client’s energy and experiences back into their Source flow, or their own vortex.

Coach of Coaches
Kalyn specializes in assisting coaches improve their practice and has begun training coaches in the Golden Flow System™. Whether people are looking to become coaches or are looking to improve any arena of their lives Kalyn’s clarity and wisdom allow her to help even the most accomplished coaches.

One of Kalyn’s favorite subjects is manifesting. Having spent years working with teachers who focused on energy, including don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), curanderas (Mexican shamanic healers) and others, Kalyn has a unique understanding and connection into the world of energy. She has dedicated years to working with energy and manifesting. She offers a course on manifesting which has helped clients attract their desires for money, relationship, business and more.

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Private sessions are powerful, clearing sessions whether in person or long-distance. In person sessions are done in Santa Fe, NM; sessions can be paid for via paypal or credit card. Private sessions are $100 for a half hour or $175 for an hour.

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