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Using Your Source Energy for an Effortless Life - download
Your Source Energy has the power to create the life you desire. It also has the ability to transform negative feelings, suffering and painful emotions into well being. The good news is that bringing Source Energy into your life to unleash its unlimited power to help you create the life you desire is simple. There are just two steps. This meditative process guides you through the steps.
The Golden Flow Series
Experience The Most Powerful and quickest System of Personal Empowerment, Manifestation, and Spiritual Growth. SIX powerful Processes on The Golden FlowTM enabling you to put The Golden FlowTM to work for you now without waiting for the final release to come out. THREE inspiring Dissertations giving you a the foundation you need to unleash the power of The Golden Flow(TM). THE GOLDEN FLOW (TM) WORKBOOK enabling you to track your progress and the wonderful gains you will experience. BONUS: The Golden Flow of Abundance If you order now, you will also get a bonus audio file that contains a dissertation and a process, so that you can experience the power of The Golden FlowTM to activate The Law of Attraction and manifesting what you desire.--- Instant Download
Flowing 24 Hours a Day - 4 Powerful Processes-Download
Flow 24 hours a day with these four powerful processes. Two pre-day and two post-day processes (short and long versions) meditative processes are included to get you into an incredible state of well-being where experience life supporting you. Both the welcoming and the flowing techniques of the Golden Flow are included. Use these processes daily and then 'hang on to your hat' as your life transforms for the better.
Manifesting Through Your Powerful Sexual Energy (Instant Download)
We want to give you one of the most powerful manifesting techniques there is. This technique uses your sexual energy, which is one of the most powerful energies we have. But wait there is more If you want to take your manifestation to a more advanced level, you can use Energetic Essences. Finding Energetic Essences take some practice and the best way to become proficient is to use a guided process. If you are interested in such a process, one that combines the power of your sexual energy with energetic essences here is the instant download.
Manifesting - Bringing Your Desires Closer
Whether you would like to manifest a great day or your deepest heart’s wish, getting your manifestation into the Golden Flow™ means shifting the way it feels so that you are feeling like your manifestation is possible and coming soon. This is because using this process will shift your energy so that you vibrate more closely to your intended manifestation, your desire.
How to Manifest Your True Desires in the Flow
Do you feel blocked in your manifesting? Is manifesting your true desires taking to long? This foundation course will show you how to Manifest your true Desires by, 1) Learning how to Flow, 2) Identify your true desires so that you may manifest them. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to manifesting is not knowing what you truly desire, or manifesting desires that are not true to Who and What you are. By flowing your true desires you allow that Unlimited part of you, your Source Energy to bring your desires manifest in the shortest amount of time.
Three Keys to Making Relationships Work
Men and women come from 2 different places, two different flows of energy, which is why it is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus. GFP-3-things-improve-relati In this video course — 3 Things That Will Improve Your Relationship – Today– , you will quickly learn two ways to change your words so that when you are speaking with your mate you can change the way he or she feels and the way you feel. Yes, just speaking ‘the right language’ can make a big difference in how you each experience love and the wonders of a spiritual relationship.