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An Interview with Snolve Craft, Chief Editor of The Infinite Field Magazine

Below is a quote from the Interview. You can view/download a pdf of the complete interview by clicking The Golden Flow/Infinite Field Interview

My talk with Kristopher and Kalyn is perhaps one of the most fascinating conversations that I have ever had. This conversation is most fascinating because for the first time since I first stumbled upon The Infinite Field, I am getting some direct insight from God/Source/Universe/Spirit on exactly what this divine gift that I call The Infinite Field really is and really means. Ask and you shall receive. Yes, I had asked to know more and to learn more about The Infinite Field. I wanted to be able to understand it myself and to be able to coherently share it with others.

Kristopher and Kalyn were so generous with their knowledge. They took me step by step and explained so purely and so plainly what The Infinite Field is and how we can live there. Not only that, they live it by example and have allowed me such a private and personal peak into their journey. It is one of authenticity and spirit.

Something broke inside me and opened up. During our conversation, I went through the steps. I welcomed some things that were deep inside me…things that I had pushed far away from me. I welcomed them. Then I allowed them to flow down the river of The Infinite that flows inside me. Instantly, I was back in “the flow.” Back doing what I love, which is sharing good stuff with all of you…back in The Infinite Field where I belong. Ahh, yes…It never left me. It has always been there. All I had to do was click my heels and I am home.

Synolve Craft, Chief Editor, The Infinite Field Magazine

You can view/download a pdf of the complete interview by clicking The Golden Flow/Infinite Field Interview

If you would like to see the full October Issue of the The Infinite Field Magazine, click The Infinite Field Magazine

To see more Videos, Mp3's and other material go to the Golden Flow

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