K2?s Story – Manifesting The Life of Your Dreams

K2 (Kristopher and Kalyn)

K2 (Kristopher and Kalyn)


Kalyn and I are creating new videos in exciting places like San Miguel de Allende on manifesting, using your Source Energy and the Law of Attraction, Living Your Dreams and Living in the now moment of the Flow State.

This is the First Video in Our Manifesting Series.

Yesterday, while sitting in the courtyard of ‘The Library’ in the beautiful colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, sipping rich Mexican coffee with the sound of the fountain in the background, Kalyn and I decided to share our Dream with you. We are living our Dream of spending a good part of each year living in different exotic and spiritually enhancing places on this exquisite planet.

Kalyn and I have been walking our paths and guiding others for over 10 years now. We know what works and what doesn’t. We live our lives in Authentic Abundance, where the universe always provides us what we need to fulfill our desires. We have a beautiful home in Santa Fe, New Mexico with lots of land and enough space to enable us to have some of our inner circle live with us.

After working as a business executive most my adult life, I no longer have a day job. I work more than I have ever worked, but the work is my passion. I do what I love – write, teach, take groups of people to Sacred Sites around the world. Kalyn and I just enrolled our 4 year old daughter in a wonderful bi-lingual school that is based on the heart. She comes home happy, bubbling over with joy with the wonderful new things she has learned.

I could go on forever writing about how the Universe provides for us, our wonderful relationship and all the love, abundance and spiritual connection in our lives. But, what we really want to do is to share with you how it is possible for you too to live the life of your dreams.

If you are living your dreams, we celebrate with you. If you would like to have a glimpse into our lives and how we have come to truly know that the Universe conspires to support us, you may wish to watch this video series we are making for you.

The first video is below.

If you would like to be notified as soon as the next one comes out, fill out the form below and we will let you know.

Here’s to living your dreams manifest now!

K2 (Kristopher and Kalyn)


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